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Job Title Employer Division Open Date Close Date
City+of+Liberal Accounting Director City of Liberal Accounting 9/19/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Campus Police Officer Garden City Community College 9/19/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Campus Safety Officer Garden City Community College 9/19/2019
Garden+City+Community+College GCCCA Receptionist (Part-Time) Garden City Community College 9/19/2019
City+of+Ottawa Electric Production Operator I City of Ottawa Utilities 9/18/2019 10/20/2019
Emporia+State+University University Police Officer Emporia State University Police and Safety 9/18/2019 10/8/2019
City+of+Hays Career and Volunteer Firefighter City of Hays Fire Department 9/17/2019
City+of+Liberal City Accountant II City of Liberal Accounting 9/17/2019
Miami+County Deputy Assistant County Appraiser Miami County 9/17/2019
City+of+Eastborough Police Officer City of Eastborough Patrol 9/16/2019
City+of+Chanute Groundskeeper I City of Chanute Cemetery Dept. 9/16/2019 9/27/2019
Pottawatomie+County Assistant EMS Director Pottawatomie County 9/16/2019
Lincoln+County Emergency Management/AEMT Lincoln County Emergency Management/AEMT 9/13/2019
Goodwill+Industries Production Team Lead Goodwill Industries 9/13/2019
City+of+Cheney Police Officer City of Cheney Police Department 9/13/2019
City+of+Derby Utilities Operator I City of Derby 9/13/2019
City+of+Rose+Hill City Administrator City of Rose Hill Administration 9/13/2019 10/1/2019
City+of+Abilene STREET LABORER City of Abilene STREETS 9/13/2019
Goodwill+Industries Customer Service Specialist Goodwill Industries 9/13/2019
Goodwill+Industries Program Specialist-Skills Development Goodwill Industries 9/13/2019
City+of+Liberal Administrative Assistant (ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT) City of Liberal 9/12/2019
Harvey+County Assistant County Attorney Harvey County County Attorney 9/12/2019 9/27/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Part-Time GED Instructor (On Campus) Garden City Community College 9/12/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Industrial Maintenance Instructor Garden City Community College 9/12/2019
Pottawatomie+County Operations Officer Pottawatomie County 9/11/2019
Harvey+County Maintenance Worker III Harvey County Solid Waste 9/11/2019 9/29/2019
City+of+Clearwater Police Chief City of Clearwater 9/11/2019 10/31/2019
City+of+Hays Police Officer City of Hays Police Department 9/11/2019
City+of+Park+City Public Works Tech I, Water Tech I or Water Tech II City of Park City Public Works 9/11/2019
City+of+Liberal Beautification Technician City of Liberal 9/11/2019
City+of+Liberal Human Resources Director City of Liberal 9/11/2019
WSU+Tech Admissions Counselor WSU Tech Student Services Admissions 9/10/2019
Emporia+State+University Carpenter Emporia State University University Facilities 9/10/2019 9/22/2019
City+of+Abilene POLICE OFFICER City of Abilene Police Department 9/10/2019
City+of+Andover Part Time 911 Dispatcher City of Andover Police 9/10/2019
City+of+Wellington POLICE OFFICER City of Wellington POLICE DEPARTMENT 9/9/2019 9/20/2019
Sumner+County Construction I II III Sumner County Road and Bridge 9/9/2019 9/27/2019
City+of+Liberal Criminal Intelligence Analyst City of Liberal 9/9/2019
Emporia+State+University Administrative Specialist Emporia State University Athletics 9/9/2019 9/22/2019
Emporia+State+University Custodial Specialist Emporia State University Building Services 9/9/2019 9/22/2019
Geary+County Equipment Operator Geary County Public Works 9/9/2019
WSU+Tech HR Functional Business Analyst & Software Manager WSU Tech Human Resources 9/6/2019
Emporia+State+University Equipment Operator Emporia State University University Facilities 9/6/2019 9/22/2019
El+Dorado+Correctional+Facility Corrections Officer I (A) El Dorado Correctional Facility Security 9/6/2019 10/9/2019
State+of+Kansas+-+8th+Judicial+District+Court Trial Court Clerk II State of Kansas - 8th Judicial District Court Marion County District Court 9/6/2019 9/23/2019
Pottawatomie+County Mechanic I Pottawatomie County 9/6/2019
Sumner+County Special Investigator (PART-TIME) Sumner County County Attorney 9/5/2019 9/23/2019
Franklin+County Correctional Officer Franklin County Jail 9/5/2019
Pottawatomie+County Emergency Management Coordinator Pottawatomie County 9/4/2019
City+of+Liberal Tourism Assistant City of Liberal 9/4/2019
City+of+Coffeyville BUILDING OFFICIAL/PLANNING & ZONING ADMINISTRATOR City of Coffeyville 9/4/2019 10/4/2019
City+of+Ottawa Laborer/Maintenance Worker I - Streets City of Ottawa Streets 9/4/2019 9/29/2019
City+of+McPherson McPherson Community Building Bartender City of McPherson Community Building 9/3/2019 9/20/2019
City+of+Ottawa Police Officer City of Ottawa Police 9/3/2019 9/29/2019
City+of+Atchison Patrol Officer I City of Atchison Police 9/3/2019
Pottawatomie+County Assistant Public Works Director Pottawatomie County 9/2/2019
City+of+Augusta Apprentice Lineman City of Augusta Electric Distribution 8/31/2019
City+of+Augusta Parks Technician City of Augusta Community Development - Parks 8/31/2019
City+of+Augusta Power Plant Operator Trainee City of Augusta Electric Production 8/31/2019
City+of+Kingman Full Time Paramedic City of Kingman EMS 8/30/2019
City+of+Kingman Part-Time EMS Technician City of Kingman EMS 8/30/2019
Pottawatomie+County Equipment Operator II (EOII) - Asphalt Technician Pottawatomie County 8/29/2019
Pottawatomie+County Field Appraiser Pottawatomie County 8/29/2019
Pottawatomie+County Personal Property Clerk - Field Appraiser Pottawatomie County 8/29/2019
Pratt+Community+College Head Track/ Asst Cross Country Coach - Residential Supervisor Pratt Community College Athletics 8/28/2019
City+of+Garnett PART TIME RECREATION CENTER ATTENDANT City of Garnett 8/28/2019 9/30/2019
Riley+County Customer Service Representative I Riley County 8/27/2019
Riley+County Public Works Operator I Riley County 8/27/2019
City+of+Peabody Public Works Maintenance Worker City of Peabody 8/27/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Office Manager (Highway Department) Lincoln County Highway Deparment 8/26/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Road Supervisor Lincoln County Highway Depatrment 8/26/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Mechanic (Highway Department) Lincoln County Highway Department 8/26/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Truck Driver Lincoln County Highway Department 8/26/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Equipment Operator Lincoln County Highway Deparment 8/26/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Human Resource Officer Lincoln County Human Resource 8/26/2019
Goodwill+Industries Shipper E-Comm Goodwill Industries 8/23/2019
City+of+Rose+Hill Police Officer City of Rose Hill Police Department 8/23/2019 9/20/2019
City+of+Garnett Director of Public Works City of Garnett 8/22/2019 10/11/2019
City+of+Belle+Plaine Full Time Police Officer City of Belle Plaine Police Department 8/22/2019 9/20/2019
City+of+Derby Police Officer City of Derby 8/22/2019 9/22/2019
City+of+Clearwater Maintenance Worker City of Clearwater 8/21/2019 9/30/2019
Ellis+County IT Support Technician Ellis County IT 8/20/2019 9/20/2019
City+of+Kechi Maintenance / Utility Operator - Full Time City of Kechi 8/20/2019
Riley+County Information Technology Specialist Riley County Information Technology 8/19/2019
City+of+Cherryvale Full-Time Firefighter/AEMT/ EMT or Paramedic City of Cherryvale Fire Dept 8/19/2019
Harvey+County Detention Deputy I Harvey County Correctional Services 8/16/2019
City+of+Great+Bend Firefighter/EMT City of Great Bend Great Bend 8/16/2019 1/31/2020
Garden+City+Community+College Nursing Student Success Coordinator Garden City Community College 8/16/2019
Pratt+Community+College Head Athletic Trainer / Sports Medicine Instructor Pratt Community College Athletic Training 8/16/2019
City+of+El+Dorado Patrol Officer City of El Dorado Police Department 8/14/2019
City+of+Coffeyville SEASONAL LABOR City of Coffeyville 8/14/2019
City+of+Liberal Animal Control Officer City of Liberal 8/13/2019
Riley+County Parks Seasonal Crew Members - Fall Season Riley County Parks 8/13/2019
WSU+Tech Faculty, Aviation Maintenance Technology WSU Tech Academics/Career & Tech Ed/Aviation 8/12/2019
Pottawatomie+County Paramedic Pottawatomie County 8/12/2019
Pottawatomie+County EMT/AEMT Pottawatomie County 8/12/2019
City+of+Kechi City Inspector II City of Kechi 8/9/2019
Goodwill+Industries Baler Operator Goodwill Industries 8/9/2019
Ellis+County Truck Driver Ellis County 8/8/2019
Pottawatomie+County Jailer Pottawatomie County Corrections 8/8/2019
Riley+County Public Works Operator II Riley County 8/8/2019
City+of+Haysville Water Operator/Trainee City of Haysville Public Works 8/8/2019
Geary+County HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Geary County Public Works 8/7/2019
Arkansas+City Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Arkansas City 8/6/2019
City+of+Coffeyville POLICE OFFICER City of Coffeyville 8/2/2019 9/20/2019
Franklin+County Juvenile Detention Officer (Females Only) Franklin County Juvenile Services 8/2/2019
City+of+Colwich Police Offier F/T City of Colwich 8/1/2019
City+of+Andover Semi-Skilled Parks Maintenance City of Andover Parks 8/1/2019
Lincoln+County Full-Time Jailer Lincoln County Sheriff's Department 8/1/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Automotive Service Technologies WSU Tech Academics/Career & Technical Education/Specialized 7/30/2019
WSU+Tech Academic Coach (Tutor), Health Sciences HUB WSU Tech AA/Gen Ed & Health Sciences/Title III 7/30/2019 10/18/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Security Officer WSU Tech Finance & Administration/Operations/Security 7/29/2019
City+of+Cherryvale PUBLIC SERVICE WORKER 1 City of Cherryvale PUBLIC WORKS 7/29/2019
Lyon+County Truck Driver Lyon County Highway Department 7/25/2019
Ellis+County Mechanic Ellis County Road & Bridge 7/25/2019
Ellis+County Heavy Equipment Operator Ellis County Road & Bridge 7/25/2019
City+of+Liberal Police Officer City of Liberal 7/23/2019
City+of+Liberal Firefighter City of Liberal 7/23/2019
City+of+Liberal Water Operator City of Liberal 7/23/2019
Pottawatomie+County Seasonal Laborer - PW Pottawatomie County 7/19/2019
City+of+Augusta Journeyman Lineman City of Augusta Electric Distribution 7/16/2019
Riley+County On Call, As Needed Juvenile Intake Officer Riley County 7/16/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Financial Aid Advisor Garden City Community College 7/16/2019
City+of+Haysville Seasonal General Maintenance-Park Detailer City of Haysville Public Works 7/16/2019
City+of+Haysville Seasonal General Maintenance-Street City of Haysville Department of Public Works 7/16/2019
Goodwill+Industries NexStep Program Support Specialist Goodwill Industries 7/12/2019
Marion+County Mechanic Marion County 7/11/2019
City+of+Andover Wastewater Utility Laborer City of Andover 7/5/2019
Riley+County Maternal Child Health Home Visitor Riley County 7/1/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Chemistry WSU Tech AA/General Education 6/28/2019
Goodwill+Industries NexStep Adult Education Instructor Goodwill Industries 6/28/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Trainer - Dental WSU Tech 6/28/2019
City+of+Leon Leon Police Department Reserve Officer City of Leon 6/26/2019
City+of+Liberal Wastewater Operator City of Liberal 6/21/2019
City+of+Paola Utility Foreman City of Paola 6/21/2019
City+of+Paola Utility Superintendent City of Paola 6/21/2019
City+of+Paola Maintenance Worker City of Paola 6/21/2019
City+of+Paola Police Officer City of Paola 6/21/2019
Sumner+County Dispatch Trainee Sumner County E911 6/18/2019 12/31/2019
Geary+County CORRECTION OFFICER Geary County SHERIFF 6/17/2019
City+of+Atchison Kitchen Manager City of Atchison Event Center 6/12/2019
Goodwill+Industries Data Entry-EComm Goodwill Industries 6/7/2019
City+of+Park+City Code Enforcement Officer City of Park City Code Enforcement 6/5/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Interior Design Programs WSU Tech AA/General Education 6/5/2019
City+of+Bel+Aire Full-Time Police Officer City of Bel Aire 6/4/2019
City+of+Andover Skilled Parks Maintenance City of Andover Parks 6/4/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Faculty (Adjunct) Veterinary Technician WSU Tech Gen Ed, Health Sciences 5/28/2019
Arkansas+City Water Distribution & Collection Supervisor Arkansas City 5/17/2019
Pratt+Community+College Associate Degree Nursing and/or Practical Nursing Instructor - PCC's Winfield Campus Pratt Community College PCC Nursing Department 5/16/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Astronomy WSU Tech AA/Gen Ed & Health Sciences/Natural Science 5/16/2019
WSU+Tech Part-time Instructor (Adjunct) - Dental Assistant Program WSU Tech Academics, Health Science 5/15/2019
City+of+Augusta Public Safety Officer (Police & Fire) City of Augusta Public Safety 5/3/2019
City+of+Valley+Center Seasonal Groundskeeper City of Valley Center Valley Center 5/1/2019
Goodwill+Industries Assistant Manager Retail Goodwill Industries 4/26/2019
Lyon+County Sheriff Deputy Lyon County 4/22/2019
Lyon+County Food Preparer (Cook) Lyon County 4/22/2019
Lyon+County Seasonal General Laborer Highway Department Lyon County Highway Department 4/22/2019
Exploration+Place Birthday Party Host Exploration Place 4/19/2019
WSU+Tech Faculty, Welding WSU Tech AA/Career & Tech Ed/Manufacturing 4/12/2019
Garden+City+Community+College Math Adjunct Instructor (On-Campus) Garden City Community College 4/9/2019
Harper+County Interpreter for Health Department Harper County Harper County Health Department 4/8/2019
Arkansas+City Distribution & Collection Maintenance Worker I Arkansas City 4/8/2019
Arkansas+City Street & Stormwater Maintenance Worker I Arkansas City 4/8/2019
City+of+Garnett Patrol Officer City of Garnett 4/5/2019
Goodwill+Industries RN-Employee Support Coordinator Goodwill Industries 4/5/2019
Exploration+Place Summer Camp Educators Exploration Place 4/5/2019
City+of+Valley+Center Seasonal Maintenance Worker City of Valley Center 4/5/2019
Marion+County Equipment Operator I Marion County 4/2/2019
Marion+County Equipment Operator II Marion County 4/2/2019
Harper+County Full Time Communications Specialist Harper County Harper County Emergency Communications (911) 4/1/2019
City+of+Atchison Public Works/Utilities Summer Maintenance City of Atchison Public Works and Utilities 3/22/2019
WSU+Tech PT Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) A&P/Biology/Micro Biology/Natural Sciences WSU Tech Academics/General Education/Natural Sciences 3/22/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Allied Health (Med Term, Pharmacology, DD&D, CPR) WSU Tech Academics/General Education/Allied Health 3/22/2019
City+of+Marion Police Officer I City of Marion Police Department 3/12/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Welding WSU Tech AA/Career&Technical Education/Manufacturing 3/12/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Surgical Technologies WSU Tech AA/Gen Ed/Health Sciences 3/8/2019
City+of+Derby City Engineer City of Derby 3/1/2019
City+of+Garden+Plain Water & Waste Water Operator City of Garden Plain 2/25/2019
City+of+Larned Water Maintenance I Worker City of Larned 2/20/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Climate & Energy Control (HVAC) WSU Tech AA/Career & Technical Education/Manufacturing 2/15/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) EMT Program WSU Tech AA/General Education& Health Sciences 2/15/2019
Goodwill+Industries Team Leader Retail Goodwill Industries 2/15/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Nursing PN Program (LPN) WSU Tech Academics/Gen Ed & Health Sciences/Nursing 2/8/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Short Term Health Programs (CNA, CMA, HHA) WSU Tech Academics/General Education/Nursing 2/6/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Social Sciences/Political Science/Government WSU Tech Academics/General Education 2/6/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) IT Essentials Course WSU Tech Academics/Career & Technical Education 2/4/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor AVC Aerostructures WSU Tech Academics/Career & Technical Education 2/4/2019
WSU+Tech Part Time Instructor (Adjunct Faculty) Aviation Maintenance Technician WSU Tech Academics/Career & Technical Education 2/4/2019
City+of+Liberal 911 Emergency Communications Dispatcher City of Liberal 1/31/2019
Arrowhead+West%2c+Inc. Community Living Instructor Arrowhead West, Inc. Wichita 1/28/2019
Arrowhead+West%2c+Inc. Life Skills Instructor Arrowhead West, Inc. Wichita 1/28/2019
City+of+Park+City Police Officer City of Park City Police Department 1/27/2019
Exploration+Place Visitor Services Associate Exploration Place 1/22/2019
Arrowhead+West%2c+Inc. Registered Nurse Arrowhead West, Inc. Wichita 1/17/2019
Arkansas+City Police Officer Arkansas City 1/16/2019
Arkansas+City Firefighter/Paramedic Arkansas City 1/16/2019
Arkansas+City Firefighter/EMT Arkansas City 1/16/2019
City+of+Park+City Channel 7 - Social Media Coordinator City of Park City Administration 1/11/2019
City+of+Salina Firefighter/EMT City of Salina Fire Department 1/2/2019 12/26/2019
City+of+Salina Firefighter / Paramedic City of Salina Fire Department 1/2/2019 12/26/2019
City+of+Salina Police Officer City of Salina Police Department 1/2/2019 12/26/2019
City+of+Andover Police Officer City of Andover Police 1/1/2019
City+of+Emporia Police Officer City of Emporia Police Department 1/1/2019 12/31/2019
Arrowhead+West%2c+Inc. Maintenance Worker Arrowhead West, Inc. Wichita 12/27/2018
City+of+Argonia Maintenance Worker City of Argonia City Maintenance 12/19/2018
Geary+County Transportation Officer Geary County Community Correction 12/18/2018
City+of+South+Hutchinson Police Officer City of South Hutchinson Police Department 12/12/2018
Geary+County POSSE Geary County Sheriff 12/7/2018
City+of+Great+Bend Service Person I City of Great Bend 11/20/2018 9/30/2019
City+of+Garden+City Utility Worker I City of Garden City Water Department 10/17/2018
Arkansas+City Sanitation Collector Arkansas City Public Works/Public Services 10/15/2018
City+of+Holcomb Maintenance Supervisor City of Holcomb Public Works 9/30/2018
City+of+Chanute POLICE OFFICER City of Chanute POLICE DEPT. 9/27/2018
Barber+County 911 Communications Officer Barber County 9/24/2018
Atchison+County Licensed Nurse (LPN, RN) - SIGN ON BONUS!! Atchison County Atchison Senior Village 9/14/2018
City+of+Fredonia General Laborer City of Fredonia 8/21/2018
City+of+Fredonia Meter Reader City of Fredonia 8/20/2018
Andover+Public+Schools Custodian Andover Public Schools 8/18/2018
Harper+County Full Time Detention Deputy Harper County Harper County Detention Center 8/6/2018
Atchison+County Correctional Officer Atchison County Sheriff's Office- Jail 7/13/2018
Atchison+County Charge Nurse - LPN, RN Atchison County Atchison Senior Village 7/13/2018
League+of+Kansas+Municipalities City Administrator League of Kansas Municipalities 7/12/2018
City+of+Fairway Law Enforcement Officer City of Fairway Police Department 7/3/2018
City+of+Concordia Chief of Police City of Concordia 6/29/2018
City+of+Mulvane Paramedic City of Mulvane EMS 6/12/2018
City+of+Edwardsville Customer Service Clerk City of Edwardsville Administration 6/4/2018
Lyon+County DETENTION OFFICER Lyon County SHERIFF OFFICE 5/23/2018
City+of+Moundridge Journeyman Lineman City of Moundridge Electric Department 5/14/2018
City+of+Girard Part-Time Seasonal Grounds Maintenance Staff City of Girard 3/28/2018
City+of+Holcomb Police Officer City of Holcomb 3/27/2018
Atchison+County CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant Atchison County Atchison Senior Village 3/26/2018
Goodwill+Industries Retail Sales Associate Goodwill Industries 2/26/2018
Goodwill+Industries Retail Door Attendant Goodwill Industries 2/26/2018
Goodwill+Industries Retail Processor Goodwill Industries 2/26/2018
Goodwill+Industries Retail Key Holder Goodwill Industries 2/26/2018
City+of+Larned POLICE OFFICER City of Larned Police 2/12/2018
Lyon+County General Laborer (Asphalt Crew) Lyon County Highway Department 2/9/2018
Hodgeman+County Health Department Staff Nurse (RN) Hodgeman County 2/1/2018
City+of+Liberal Transit Bus Driver (Part Time) City of Liberal City Bus 1/1/2018
City+of+Frontenac Water/Wastewater Laborer City of Frontenac 1/1/2018
City+of+Cherryvale Part-Time Police Officer City of Cherryvale 11/22/2017
McPherson+County Receptionist/Clerk I McPherson County Health Department 10/30/2017
McPherson+County Registered Nurse - Public Health McPherson County Health Department 10/20/2017
City+of+Derby Volunteer Firefighter City of Derby Fire 10/11/2017
Lyon+County LCAT Bus Driver Lyon County Department on Aging 10/3/2017
Pratt+Community+College Pratt Community College Nursing Instructor and Pratt Regional Medical Center Registered Nurse Pratt Community College 9/1/2017
Arkansas+City Parks & Facilities Maintenance Worker Arkansas City 8/31/2017
Arkansas+City Paramedic Arkansas City 8/8/2017
City+of+Garden+City Planner City of Garden City Neighborhood & Development Services 7/26/2017
Newton+Public+Schools Education, Disabilities, and Training Coordinator Cooper Early Education Center Newton Public Schools USD 373 Newton 7/19/2017
Atchison+County Cook/Dietary Aide Atchison County Atchison Senior Village 6/29/2017
Atchison+County Housekeeper/Janitorial Atchison County Atchison Senior Village 6/29/2017
League+of+Kansas+Municipalities City Administrator League of Kansas Municipalities City of Girard 6/29/2017
City+of+Garden+City Assistant Neighborhood & Development Services Director City of Garden City Neighborhood & Development Services 6/28/2017
City+of+Great+Bend Police Officer City of Great Bend 6/7/2017 12/31/2019
Johnson+County Deputy Sheriff Johnson County Sheriff's Office 4/12/2017
City+of+Cherryvale LIFEGUARD City of Cherryvale PARKS & RECREATION 3/14/2017
City+of+Cherryvale SEASONAL PUBLIC SERVICE WORKER City of Cherryvale PUBLIC WORKS 3/13/2017
City+of+Cheney Golf Course Maintenance Worker City of Cheney Golf 2/9/2017
City+of+Atchison Banquet Assistant City of Atchison Event Center 2/9/2017
Sumner+County+Hospital+District+%231 Registered Nurse RN Sumner County Hospital District #1 Nursing 12/30/2016
City+of+Cheney Golf Shop Assistant City of Cheney Golf 10/17/2016
Sumner+County Detention Deputy I Sumner County Sheriff 9/30/2016
City+of+Bentley Volunteer - Bentley Fire Department City of Bentley Fire Department 8/26/2016
City+of+Columbus Laborer City of Columbus Public Works 4/25/2016
City+of+Columbus Seasonal Laborer City of Columbus 2/17/2016
Jefferson+County GIS Emergency Services Technician Jefferson County GIS/Emergency Management 2/8/2016
Jefferson+County Web Developer Jefferson County Information Technology 2/3/2016
City+of+Washington Laborer City of Washington Public Works 1/6/2016
City+of+McPherson Police Officer City of McPherson Police Department 1/4/2016
City+of+Columbus Police Officer City of Columbus 10/22/2015
Lyon+County Part-Time & PRN LCAT Bus Driver Lyon County Department on Aging Lyon County Area Transportatio 8/25/2015
City+of+Osawatomie Journeyman Lineman City of Osawatomie Electric 7/2/2015
City+of+Andover Fire Reservist/Volunteer Firefighter City of Andover Fire 5/13/2015
City+of+Winfield Winfield EMS and FIRE Reserve City of Winfield Fire & EMS 4/29/2015
Chautauqua+County County Counselor Chautauqua County 11/24/2014
Allen+County+911+Communications+Center 911 Communications Officer Allen County 911 Communications Center 10/1/2014
Wyandotte+County+Unified+Government Nurse Practitioner Wyandotte County Unified Government 8/21/2014
City+of+Sedan Police Officer City of Sedan 2/3/2014
Goddard+USD+265 Bus Driver Goddard USD 265 1/22/2014
City+of+Cheney Volunteer Firefighter City of Cheney Fire 1/1/2014
City+of+Cherryvale Fire and/or EMS Volunteer City of Cherryvale Fire-Rescue Department 1/1/2014
Goddard+USD+265 Head Building Engineer/Building Engineer Goddard USD 265 12/20/2013
City+of+Cherryvale Reserve Police Officer City of Cherryvale Police Department 9/26/2012
City+of+Garnett Volunteer Fire Fighter City of Garnett 6/13/2012
Arkansas+City Reserve Firefighter Arkansas City Fire 3/19/2008
Kansas+Fire+Services+Partnership FIREFIGHTER, Entry Level Kansas Fire Services Partnership KANSAS FIRE SERVICE PARTNERSHIP 1/15/2004