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Salina Fire Department

Salina Fire Department


The Fire Department shares in the responsibility for protecting lives and property. Fire Chief Darell Eastin oversees the Department’s ninety-two (92) full-time employees. The Fire Department operates from four fire station locations, providing rescue and fire suppression citywide and into certain areas of the county by contract and on special assistance. The Emergency Medical Services Division, a paramedic level of care, is operated by the Fire Department on a countywide basis providing both non-emergency and emergency care. Primary response ambulances are located at all four stations, and the Department assists with fire first responder on life threatening calls, to reduce run time and for additional staffing manning within the City. The Fire Department will continue to maintain a high-level readiness for prompt and efficient response to fires, emergency medical calls and other types of emergencies. Fire Station 1, which houses the administrative offices, is located at 222 W. Elm Street.



Effective 02/01/2004)

HOLIDAYS 110 Hours pay per year, paid out quarterly at the employee’s regular rate
(Unlimited accrual)
0 - 4 years = 112
5 - 9 years = 134
10 - 19 years = 179
20 years and beyond = 224
SICK LEAVE             Eleven (11) hours per month of service (no maximum accumulation)

Payout of 1/3 after 5 years of service on separation in good standing.

RETIREMENT Employee is enrolled in the Kansas Police and Fire Pension System (KP&F).  Benefits include death, service-connected death, disability and retirement.
HEALTH INSURANCE The City of Salina Health Insurance Plan includes health, prescription and dental coverages. Employee cost for family coverage - $168 per month and employee cost for single coverage - $64 per month.  If an employee starts work on or before the 15th of the month their insurance will be effective the 1st of the next month.  If the employee starts work after the 15th their insurance is effective the 1st of the 2nd month.
WELLNESS As part of the City's wellness program, employees are eligible to join the YMCA or the YWCA at reduced monthly rates.  Twice per calendar year employees and their spouses may have CHD blood profiles done at no cost.  Immunizations for Influenza and Hepatitis B are offered at no cost.
LIFE INSURANCE The City pays 100% of the cost of a life insurance benefit equal to employee's annual rate of pay (minimum of $20,000).  For spouses – up to $15,000 coverage, for children - $10,000 coverage.
LONGEVITY PAY Annual payment of $3.50 per month after five years of continuous years of service.
DEFERRED COMP Employee may participate in deferred compensation program through the ICMA-Retirement Corporation. (457K plan)
TRAVEL/TRAINING The City provides for work-related workshops and conferences.  Professional society dues and registration fees paid.  Tuition reimbursement available.

All of the above benefits are subject to change by state and local officials.  For specific details, refer to the employee Personnel Manual and related documents and policies. Like the Personnel Manual, this Benefit Summary is neither a contract nor the basis for an implied contract between the City and any employee or group of employees.

The City of Salina is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you have any questions about employment with the City of Salina please contact:

Human Resources Department
300 West Ash, Room 200
P.O. Box 736
Salina, KS 67402-0736
human.resources@salina.org (e-mail)

To learn more about the Salina Fire Department please visit http://www.ci.salina.ks.us/Overviews/FD.htm