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Employer: Pratt Community College
Job Title: Director of Students & Residence Life/Residential Supervisor
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

Please visit www.prattcc.edu to submit PCC Employment Application, resume and copies of transcripts. AA/EO

General Description and Purpose
The position is responsible for the direct leadership, supervision, coordination and management of a residence life program of approximately 356 students, including six facilities and supervision of professional and student staff.  Responsible for the coordination and oversight of college off-campus lodging facilities when warranted.  The director serves as the first-level disciplinarian for residence hall rule violations and will coordinate a student judicial review panel.  The director will enforce residence hall rules and regulations and organize, implement, and develop and/or recommend programs, services and/or procedures for the residence life program, in collaboration with the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management, the President and other residence life staff.  The director serves as supervisor for a designated residence hall and is required to live on-campus.  The director must also implement and maintain programs for the residence life program that will result in student educational, social and cultural growth.  The director provides daily administration of the complete campus activities program including implementing activities, special events and student involvement. The director provides unique experiences for students through diverse programming, including intramural activities. Student service responsibilities associated with recruiting, retention, enrollment management and/or advising. Must possess sound communication, organization and supervisory skills; demonstrate a positive student-centered approach and ability to work in a team environment.  Must be visionary, goal-oriented, creative and aware of current issues in higher education, specifically community colleges.  Must be sensitive to the attitudes of all students regardless of age and have the ability to work with a diverse group of people.  The position is a full-time, 12-month position, requiring irregular work hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. 
Primary Functions/Responsibilities

  • Management of the college residence halls, professional and student staff.  Is expected to cover for residential supervisors, as needed, to carry out the responsibility of the department.
  • Responsible for the coordination and oversight of off-campus lodging facilities secured by the College to accommodate over-flow occupancy when warranted.
  • Responsible for staff development training exercises for supervisors and resident assistants.
  • Responsible for the initiation and implementation of disciplinary procedures for occupants of the residence halls, including coordination and implementation of a student judiciary board.
  • Initially address all disciplinary cases related to residence life halls, with appropriate communication to students, college officials.  Will maintain records for campus crime report and other internal reports.
  • Work closely with the Campus Security Officer(s), the Director of Facilities & Grounds, maintenance staff, college health nurse and other college officials regarding activity in the residence halls.  Conduct regular briefing meetings between college officials to discuss issues related to residence life.
  • Recommend to the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management the dismissal of residents who violate residence hall rules, regulations, and procedures.  Work with the Vice President and other college officials on disciplinary issues.
  • Develop materials with the Coordinator of Marketing Communications and Student Services, and the Coordinator of Marketing Communications and College Relations and the Vice President, regarding residence life procedures and policies for distribution to students, staff and parents and for recruiting and posting purposes.
  • Coordinate and process all of the residence hall applications, contracts, related support services and make all residence hall assignments, with the assistance of other college officials including the assistant director.
  • Prepare content for Student Handbook and distribute to students, copies of the residence hall rules and regulations, contracts, and any other necessary material.
  • Update and maintain the residence life section of the college website.
  • Act as a sponsor or identify staff to serve for both formal and informal residence hall functions.
  • Coordinate or designate staff; to plan, initiate, establish, and manage a viable and ongoing program of recreational, educational, and entertaining activities for resident students, working with other college officials.
  • Provide service to students in such areas as:  registering valuables, resource referrals,  receiving and delivering student messages.
  • Supervise cafeteria during regular meals on a rotating basis with the other professional (Residential Supervisors) residence hall staff.
  • Responsible for the supervision and coordination of the Resident Assistant program and the student resident assistants.
  • Maintain daily (Monday-Friday) office hours in the Director’s office.
  • Coordinate the summer housing program and provide supervision in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Residence Life, including the summer student residents, conferences, campus, and special events.
  • Whenever appropriate, issue parking tickets to vehicles parked in reserved spots by the residence halls.
  • Assist international students with off-campus housing arrangements for holidays, breaks, and other designated dates.  Coordinate services for international students residing in residence halls as needed, with the Coordinator of Special Admissions Programs.
  • Supervision of professional staff, student workers, and the student activities program.
  • Assist in working with college officials in the distribution of information about campus activities to prospective students and the general public.
  • Assist college officials in planning and directing special campus activities, including but not limited to:  student social and educational events, residence hall activities and special events sponsored by various divisions of the college and student organizations; working with the appropriate college administrators.
  • Serve as sponsor for the Hall Council student organization, compiled of representatives from each residence hall.
  • Serve as chair of a Food Service Committee, working in conjunction with the Food Service Director.  Coordinate and facilitate other committees or work groups as needed, including Student Judicial Review Panel.
  • Assign duty scheduling for holiday coverage, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Spring Break, and other days requiring staff supervision.
  • Open, close, and secure halls at the beginning and end of holiday periods, and at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Assign staffing in the hall prior to fall semester and after end of semester as needed.  The work schedule will follow the same leave schedule as designated for professional staff, including holidays, and spring break periods.
  • Conduct regular tours of facility and provide daily log of activity. File report as directed and needed.
  • Assist in showing perspective students residence hall rooms.
  • Serve on various college committees as appointed or requested.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management or President.
  • General management of residence hall facility, including safety, maintenance, and security checks and appropriate follow-up action and/or communication.
  • Attend required specific student activities and designated programs and other activities as needed or assigned.
  • Perform regularly scheduled room checks and hall repair and maintenance checks as directed.  File room check and maintenance report(s) as required.
  • Hire and/or recommend for employment, all personnel (Residential Supervisors and Resident Assistants) needed for the operation of the residence halls to the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management. Work directly with the Personnel Office to ensure College hiring practices are followed and coordinated appropriately.
  • Oversee the planning of the fall and spring training in-services and the on-going daily training for residence life staff and resident assistants.
  • Evaluate college personnel in written form who work in the residence halls and student recreation center.
  • Administer the Residence Life Program effectively and efficiently; to involve students (to the extent possible) in determining needed rules; regulations and procedures; to promote activities and other Residence Hall services; and to enhance the college image through the promotion of desirable student conduct and behavior. 

Student Life Program

  • Implement a well-balanced student activities program that will complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall educational experience of students.  Plan and direct special campus activities, including but not limited to: student social and educational events, residence hall activities, and special events sponsored by various divisions of the college and student organizations; working with appropriate college employees.
  • Create and distribute a calendar of events on a monthly basis to ensure activities and publication of the calendar assist students’ planning and participation. Ensure events and activities are promoted to students and employees in the appropriate medium to reach the greatest audience. Budgeting and programming should be planned on a semester basis.
  • Assist and provide leadership with a student life advisory committee comprised of employees and students, who plan, facilitate and evaluate campus activities and events.
  • Establish annual benchmarks related to student life programs and services and evaluate and collect data on each activity and event.  Maintain active and ongoing evaluations of student life program effectiveness.
  • Establish a campus environment which is unique and student focused and incorporates services, communication campaigns, visual strategies for events, programs and projects; appropriate for the different student segments.
  • Develop activities to increase student involvement; working closely with key employees, including athletic director, club/organization sponsors, Coordinator of Marketing Communication.
  • Develop services, communication, activities catering to the needs of the college’s off-campus students, including non-traditional, which will connect them more closely to the college.
  • Coordinate communication and event scheduling among clubs and organizations.
  • Implement new activities and/or projects as a result of feedback received from student advisory groups.
  • Implement initiatives to strengthen retention of students.
  • Maintain information for the college website relative to responsibilities.
  • Data entry for student information system and website as needed.
  • Accept appointment to and participate in committees as assigned.
  • Establish and assist with projects and committees to ensure diversity awareness initiatives are incorporated into College programs, events and activities held in the residence hall and recreation center.
  • Assist and support Continuous Quality Improvement initiatives and projects. 

Student Services

  • Director will provide assistance to the functional areas of admissions, registrar, enrollment, advising, college relations and communication marketing as needed and determined by the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.

Coordination and Accountability Tasks

  • Recommend needed improvements each spring for the Residence Halls; including but not limited to: equipment, remodeling and decorating.
  • Handle all of the business details related to the operation of the residence halls in coordination with the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management and Vice President for Finance and Operations.
  • Assist in ensuring that all residences pay their room and board bills on time or make arrangements for appropriate payments, working in conjunction with the Business Office.
  • Monitor academic progress of resident students, including assisting Student Success Center as needed.
  • Perform such duties as may be assigned by the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management and by the President.
  • Assist the student service and key staff  in organizing and directing enrollment and registration activities related to residence life and residents.
  • Collaborate with college officials to identify special recruiting and retention initiatives to benefit the college mission and goals.
  • Consult with students, faculty and staff to assess current practices and recommendations for future initiatives related to recruiting, retention and customer service.
  • Assist with marketing and recruiting initiatives for the college including promotion of the residence and student life programs as needed.     

Supervises the Following Staff
Residential supervisors and student resident assistants.
Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics

  • Experience with computers, desktop publishing and proficient in Microsoft Suite.
  • Must be visionary, goal-oriented, creative and aware of current issues in higher education.
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills to interact positively and work effectively with others.
  • Must possess strong written and communication skills.
  • Must be sensitive to the attitudes of all students regardless of age and have the ability to work with a diverse group of people.
  • Must possess good character, be a role model, have excellent organization and multi-tasking abilities, time management and communications skills and the ability to work in a team environment. 
  • All duties and responsibilities shall be planned and implemented to help in the realization of the college mission.
  • Ability to be self-motivated, work under pressure and successful at multi-tasking.
  • Must possess conflict management skills and ability to supervise and manage personnel.
  • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends and comfortable with a flexible schedule.
  • Must  have excellent skills in customer service and have a student-centered philosophy.
  • Must understand and support the mission, philosophy vision, goals of PCC. 


  • Minimum of two years experience in residence life, housing or a related student service area, management, business or recreational experience required.
  • Minimum of two years experience in working with high school and college aged students required.
  • Minimum of two years experience with adult groups and activities preferred.
  • Minimum of two years experience in a college setting preferred.
  • Minimum of two years experience with personnel supervision, development and training required. 

Bachelor’s degree required in student personnel, recreation, physical education,communication or a related field.
Work Conditions/Environment
Able to respond quickly and provide assistance in situations of health, safety and security.
Must be able to walk across campus and access various types of buildings.
 Position requires evening and weekend work

Job Type: 

Professional Non-Exempt

Employee Type: 

Full Time

Vacancy Number: 020817-2

Open Date: 2/17/2017 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: