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Employer: Sedgwick County
Division: COMCARE
Job Title: PT Peer Support Specialist | Crisis Intervention Services
Salary: $11.35 Hourly

Job Description:

Usual working days/hours:

Varied Days | Varied Hours

Location of work:

COMCARE635 N. Main | Wichita, KS and other community locations


Job Objectives:
Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) assists children and adults experiencing a psychiatric crisis in de-escalating and stabilizing the crisis situation. CPS assists consumers in recognizing their needs and desires in the process of recovery from mental illness. CPS teaches, supports and develops advocacy skills in partnership with consumers individually or in groups to assist them to reach their goals. CPS draws upon their own lived experience as someone with a mental illness who has been a consumer of mental health service to build trust and understanding with those they serve.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Provides support, monitoring and intervention to those experiencing a psychiatric crisis.
  • Assists in crisis de-escalation, referral and linkage to appropriate community services to avoid more restrictive levels of treatment.
  • Assists in following up with clients, and as necessary, with the individuals caretaker and/or family members.
  • Assists the consumer with the identifying and effectively responding to or avoiding identified precursors or triggers that result in functional impairments.
  • Help the consumer to develop a network for information and support from others who have been through similar experiences.
  • Small group and individualized work providing information and helping consumers identify and share what works in their recovery.
  • Facilitate a dialogue and create a knowledge base among consumers to help them to be actively involved in their treatment.
  • Sharing lived experience and model successful behaviors and strategies.
  • Create new strategies related to the consumer goals/plans.
  • Help consumers access new resources and attempt and practice new skills in the community.
  • Network consumers with other consumers, consumer run organizations and the community at large.
  • Cultivate a dialogue and disseminate information regarding educational and vocational opportunities within the community as part of the recovery process (e.g.: Student Success, CAP, LEAP, Leadership Academy, etc).
  • Assist the consumers with regaining the ability to make independent choices and to take a proactive role in treatment including discussing questions or concerns about medications, diagnoses or treatment approaches with their treating clinician.
  • Help individual consumer articulate in their own words their goals and aspirations in the development of their individualized plan.
  • Share and support use of recovery tools including established best practices (Examples: WRAP plans & Pathways to Recovery) and individually developed tools and strategies.
  • Share lived experiences and model recovery strategies.
  • Complete documentation within agency time and quality standards.
  • Participate in supervision as scheduled.
  • Participate in staff and team meetings as scheduled
  • Educate staff on the principles of recovery, use of peer providers and peer initiatives.
  • Provides transportation to support client attendance in medical appointments and other therapeutic goal related activities to include development of community resources, employment or education access, social or consumer-run activities and related supports.

Job Standards:

  • Must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must self-identify as a present or former consumer of mental health services
  • Ability to effectively communicate with people, both listening and speaking.
  • Ability to develop and maintain rapport with clients, the general public and all levels of staff.
  • Ability to write clear, concise documentation.
  • Basic skills in group facilitation.
  • Knowledge of major mental illnesses and their impact on people experiencing the symptoms and the typical side effects of medications.
  • Knowledge of community resources related to mental health, basic needs and peer supports.
  • Ability to cope with psychotic episodes of adults.
  • Knowledge of community services and benefit programs.
  • Ability to develop and maintain rapport with patients, the general public and all levels of staff.
  • Ability to keep client documentation current.
  • Possess the awareness and judgment to intervene appropriately when dealing with escalating emotional situations.
  • Possess the ability to negotiate several flights of stairs at a time and move effectively in varied settings throughout the community.
  • Possess the mobility and judgment to execute personal protective measures.
  • Able to calmly and effectively deal with agitated individuals or high risk situations.
  • Demonstrate autonomous critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate good professional judgment and decision-making skills.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Able to work with minimal direct supervision.
  • Demonstrate good time management and organizational skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • Able to handle competing urgent priorities.
  • Possess basic or intermediate computer skills: able to learn complex software related to an electronic medical record.

Testing/Screening Requested:

  • KBI & DCF Background Checks
  • Driver’s license check
  • Pre-employment urine drug screen

Candidates must have basic computer skills in word processing and email software.

Work Environment:
Office and in the field.


*This position may be filled or closed to further application without notice. Must be at least 18 years of age to work for Sedgwick County*

It is the policy of Sedgwick County not to discriminate in its programs or services provided to the general public, including employment and all other activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, disability, veteran status or any other similarly protected status. Sedgwick County is committed to making the application, interview, and pre-employment testing process accessible to persons with disabilities. If you wish to volunteer information regarding any special assistance you may need, please notify Crissy Magee, Sedgwick County ADA Coordinator by phone (316) 660-7056, TDD (Kansas Relay at 711 or 800-766-3777), or email at crissy.magee@sedgwick.gov. Do not send resumes or application status request or employment questions to this email or phone number. This information is provided only for those requiring ADA assistance. Applications must be submitted on www.hrepartners.com. You will be contacted should the department feel that you are a qualified candidate.
Sedgwick County will prohibit the hiring of spouses and/or immediate family members within the same department, but not within the County structure.
Immediate family and family of the employee’s spouse shall be considered husband, wife, son, step-son, son-in-law, daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in law, brother, step-brother, brother-in law, sister, step-sister, sister-in-law, mother, step-mother, mother-in law, father, step-father, father-in-law, grandchildren, grandparents and grandparents-in-law.

Vacancy Number: 20008650

Open Date: 3/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 10/5/2018 11:59:59 PM