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Employer: City of Andover
Division: Police
Job Title: CALEA Accreditation Manager
Salary: $36400.00 Annually

Job Description:

General Statement of Duties

The Andover Police Department is interested in a professional, highly motivated, problem solving & community oriented individual for a full-time CALEA Accreditation Manager.  The City of Andover is a rapidly growing, contemporary community, with excellent schools, located adjacent to Wichita; it is small town living at its finest, with many of the big city amenities.  The Andover Police Department is a 26-sworn and 8-civilain member, nationally accredited agency, with a strong community commitment, high integrity standards, a 911 Emergency Communications Center, a state-of-the-art facility and equipment, excellent benefits, and no residency requirements.  The Andover Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  For more information about the department, visit at www.andoverks.com.

An employee in this class performs a variety of complex administrative and professional assistance work in planning, coordinating and managing the implementation, maintenance and adherence to the police department's accreditation through CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies).

Distinguishing Features of the Class

This position requires advanced administrative and professional skills necessary to serve in a capacity that provides direct assistance to the Special Services Commander.  The accreditation manager must have strong office skills for daily tasks, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to exercise independent judgment and discretion.  Because of the use of automation, employee must possess skill in the use of computers and business software.  Broad understanding of police or operations, practices, and principles are essential. The position is directly tasked with managing the department's accreditation process and provides assistance to the command staff in a wide range of planning and research activities.  The accreditation manager must be able to interact with staff and the public in a cordial, professional, effective manner.  At times, the position will be responsible for other tasks and special projects including statistical analysis, strategic planning, and seeking alternative funding opportunities. The employee generally maintains normal office hours but will occasionally be required to perform overtime or unscheduled work in accordance with operational and training demands.


  1. Plan, coordinate and manage agency accreditation activities, projects and processing; Gather and analyze data; Monitor and measure agency adherence to accreditation standards; Identify, verify, and reconcile compliance activities correcting any noted deficiencies through policy, training, or other administrative measures; Complete and submit required reports and forms; Prepare and maintain appropriate reports and internal communication.
  2. Manage, maintain and update current and archive accreditation files of the agency, both manually and using an electronic computer program.
  3. Serve as the central repository for information about the national accreditation process, standards associate with the process and procedures and reports on behalf of the agency; Keep up-to-date on accreditation standards, as well as, the interpretation and application of accreditation standards through active participation with appropriate accreditation commissions and professional associations.
  4. Serves as Department liaison to CALEA, as well as, Accreditation Managers of other local, county and state agencies. Attend periodic meetings and conferences, professional workshops, and trainings related to CALEA standards.
  5. Serve as the agency representative to and liaison with CALEA for all accreditation matters; Update and notify command staff of professional standards and changes to any CALEA standards or changes to the CALEA accreditation process; Provide various presentations to command staff and agency personnel about accreditation, policy, and other planning issues.
  6. Acts as the coordinator of policy development by suggesting areas of new policy development, maintaining and updating existing policy, and includes annual and semi-annual reviews of all department policies.
  7. Assist in preparing and/or reviewing all new and existing agency policies and directives to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, city ordinances and CALEA standards; Coordinate annual and semi-annual review and revision of all department policies and procedures; Ensure all proposed policy changes/revisions are forwarded for review to the department’s command staff and/or policy review committee, and, when appropriate, the County Attorney’s office or other stakeholders; Work collaboratively with department personnel to ensure appropriate input by department members in policy development and/or review; Recommend changes in policies and procedures when indicated by accreditation updates, changes or modifications; Coordinate the revision of manuals, procedures and other internal publications for compliance with national and state professional law enforcement standards.
  8. Coordinate on-site CALEA assessments and inspections in a manner that enables the agency sufficient time and resources to achieve professional accreditation.  Facilitate and conduct mock assessments reviews.
  9. Develop and conduct accreditation related training for agency personnel; Ensure appropriate training for agency employees on all new and revised policies.
  10. Assist in conducting inspections of departmental, division and section files for compliance with accreditation standards.
  11. Perform all assigned duties and tasks in an effective, efficient and safe manner; Accept responsibility to support and promote the department’s mission and comply with its directives; Initiate decision-making that is consistently in line with the department’s mission, values, goals and objectives.
  12. Maintain contact with other law enforcement agencies in order to discover improved methods, policies and procedures.  Stay abreast of latest law enforcement and emergency communications policies, best practices and technological trends.

Marginal Functions of Work:

  1. Serve as a back-up to and assist the Special Services Commander, as needed.
  2. Perform general clerical tasks, which may include answering the telephone, word processing and other duties.
  3. Complete assigned and self-initiated workloads in a punctual and professional manner.
  4. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned, or needed for the efficient operation of the police department.
  5. Attend various training courses, seminars and conferences to maintain knowledge of current trends and developments in job-related skills and techniques.

Position Requirements:

Experience:  Considerable knowledge of current law enforcement and/or emergency communications practices, as well as, federal, state and local regulations governing departmental policy and operations.  Knowledge of law enforcement and/or emergency communications accreditation standards preferred. Must be able to successfully complete a pre-employment criminal records check conducted on a local and national level, pre-employment physical and drug screening.  Must attend and successfully complete Accreditation Manager certification training within one year of hire.

Education:  High School diploma or GED required.  Bachelor’s degree in business administration, criminal justice, or related field from an accredited college is preferred.  Both education and experience will be considered.

Skills:  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.  Proficient in coordination and organizational skills. Ability to manage multiple projects with accuracy, while focusing on details. Knowledge of departmental policies.  Knowledge of the principles of management and the ability to apply these principles to situations.  Ability to analyze problems, develop alternatives and recommend and implement solutions.  Ability to flex schedule and or priorities in order to meet department needs. Ability to learn, understand and utilize computer software applications from the department network and department software applications hosted on the internet.  Must possess, or ability to obtain, and maintain a valid Kansas driver’s license.

Problem Solving

Frequent problem solving exists in this position.  Problems include, but are not limited to applying accreditation standards to department policies and compliance; determining acceptable proofs of compliance to CALEA standards from existing department documentation.  Employee shall be able to use superior judgment in problem solving.

Decision Making

Frequent decision making exists in this position to include analyzing and evaluating complex problems/issues with multiple dimensions and to recommend solutions.  Decisions include, but are not limited to, determining work prioritization, developing and maintaining timelines and determining appropriate recommendations.


Employee is accountable for the efficient and acceptable performance of his/her duties and responsibilities, and the department’s successful compliance with CALEA accreditation standards.


Limited supervision is provided by the Special Services Commander, with regular interaction with the Chief of Police.  Job related decisions are reviewed through reports and conferences, as well as on view.

Personal Relations

This position requires the employee to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the co-workers and supervisors, CALEA representatives, outside agencies and organizations, as well as, the general public.

Working Conditions

Work is generally performed indoors in an office setting during standard day-shift hours.  However, work hours will include varied hours and/or additional hours as needed, as well as, as occasional overnight and/or weekend travel.  Noise level is usually moderate.  Work may be stressful when dealing with multiple priorities and/or time constraints.

Physical Requirements

Work requires some physical activity, including extended periods of sitting and standing, frequent walking, carrying and climbing stairs, and occasional balancing, kneeling, bending, and reaching.  This position requires the ability to transport themselves to and from various locations throughout the department, city, state and other locations.  This position requires the ability to frequently lift and/or carry files and other materials weighing up to 10 pounds and to occasionally lift and carry equipment and other materials weighing up to 25 pounds.  This position requires hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity necessary to operate computers and other equipment used to perform the essential functions of this job.  The ability to pass and maintain all physical and mental requirements and activities of job requirements and description.


Removal can be with or without fault of the employee or this agency.  Economic conditions that cause reductions in the work force, the employee’s inability to attend regularly to work, chronic illness, and failure to perform competently on any of the critical tasks of the position or a consistent failure to perform competently on regular tasks are major reason(s) for job removal without fault.  Failure to support the agency’s mission, uphold the oath of office, behave in a way that supports the Police Officer’s Code of Ethics, continually comply with preconditions for original employment, or to display due regard for the civil liberties of any person(s) will lead to removal with or without fault.  In addition, accruing atypical amounts of supervisory counseling or remedial training will lead to removal with or without fault.


All applications and resumes should be submitted through: www.hrepartners.com.  Please make sure you check your Spam and Junk E-mail folders after you apply and throughout the entire process for further instructions with steps in the process.  Applicants in the past have stated they have not received any follow-up emails, which have been sent and later found in one of these folders

Applicants must submit required application materials and supporting documentation (where applicable). Failure to submit required documentation will result in application being marked incomplete and withdrawn for consideration of employment.  Documents that are not legible will not be accepted.

Vacancy Number: AND-PD-2017-2

Open Date: 4/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 4/28/2017 11:59:59 PM