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Employer: Wichita Area Technical College
Division: Student Services/Disability Services
Job Title: Specialist, Disability Services
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

Job Summary:

The primary responsibilities of the Disability Services Specialist are to coordinate actions and decisions that comply with applicable federal standards and with WATC policies and objectives. Duties include assisting current and prospective students who need appropriate and lawful accommodations due to disabilities; maintain, analyze and report on disability service activities and results; and to comply with applicable government standards of Title II and Title III and with WATC policies and objectives relative to the assigned program areas.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

1.         Researches, develops, advises on, coordinates, determines, communicates, and documents lawful actions and services for eligible students and prospective students who need accommodations due to disabilities.  This includes working within budgets and reporting that meet the standards and policies of WATC regarding disability services.

2.         Conducts individual, face-to-face appointments with students to develop a plan for provision of appropriate accommodations and discuss progress toward academic achievement.

3.         Reviews disability documentation to determine eligibility for services and appropriate accommodations. Ensures that students w/disabilities have equal access to programs and services by coordinating services and purchasing appropriate equipment and software.

4.         Maintains strict confidentiality of student records and complies with FERPA regulations regarding student privacy.

5.         Collaborates with faculty and staff and provide on-going consultation and resources related to prospective and current students registered with Disability Services. Provides on-going training to Faculty, Staff, and the WATC community about the needs and rights of students w/disabilities.

6.         At all times, engages in and promote teamwork, courtesy, legal compliance, policy compliance, and safety in the WATC workplace.

7.         Engages in sufficient self-development and continuing education to maintain necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge for high levels of personal achievement in the position. Maintains a working knowledge of current disability law, best practices, and participate in continuing education opportunities.

Education, Experience, Knowledge & Skills Needed:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a job-related field is required, such as in higher education administration, workforce development and training, professional counseling, counseling psychology, student personnel services, educational psychology, or in a teaching field present at the College.
  • At least three years of professional experience is required that included work functions pertaining to services to post-secondary traditional and non-traditional students, disabled persons, career planning and employment services and supervision.
  • Additional teaching experience with post-secondary students is preferred.
  • User-level knowledge of Outlook, Word and Excel are required.
  • An operating knowledge of Student Services software, such as Banner, is required within three months of entering the position.
  • Ability to research problems and/or issues and to make and effectively communicate sound evidence-based professional decisions.
  • Effective time management skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines in a timely manner, and the ability to prudently prioritize tasks, projects and goals.
  • Professional-level critical thinking skills, including ability to read and process detailed information, ability to think open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as need be, assumptions, implications, and practical consequences.
  • Ability and knowledge are required to provide a team approach for planning, development, and overall operation.
  • High ethical standards and an appropriate professional image are required.

Other Position Requirements:  

  1. Work effectively and productively as a team member.  Keep others informed of information needed.  Treat others with respect, maintaining a spirit of cooperation.
  2. Maintain effective and professional verbal and written interactions with peers, customers, supervisors and other staff.  Use diplomacy and tact in dealing with difficult situations or people.  Demonstrate effective listening skills. Is receptive to constructive feedback.
  3. Maintain acceptable overall attendance record, to include department meetings, all-employee meetings/trainings as required.  Ensure appropriate notification to supervisor for absences, and ensure that work is covered.  Be flexible in work schedule when needed.
  4. Produce quantity of work necessary to meet job requirements.
  5. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to handle new assignments, changes in procedures and business requirements.  Identify what needs to be done and take appropriate action. 
  6. Complete assigned work; meet deadlines without reminders/follow-up from supervisor or others.
  7. Perform work conscientiously with a high degree of accuracy.
  8. Participate in a minimum of 20 hours professional development activities to remain current with industry trends and advancements.

Working Conditions:  

Must be able to work in a multi-tasked, high-volume environment, completing multiple and competing priorities.  Daily attendance is required to meet the needs of students and prospective students.  Attendance is required at meetings and in-services some of which may be out of the area.  Schedules may fluctuate to accommodate student needs, deadlines and delivery of services.  Long periods of sitting or standing will be required.  Sufficient vision and hearing are required to complete the work and interact with students, staff, faculty and the public.  Independent travel to by car and public carrier is required to enable flexibility to work at alternate campuses when needed.  Evening and weekend work may be required. Work schedule will be as needed and required by administration to accomplish assigned duties.

Vacancy Number: SS200-0018

Open Date: 8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: