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Employer: City of Chanute
Division: Police Department
Job Title: Police Officer
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:


The City of Chanute is now accepting applications for a full-time police officer serving a population of 9,112.  The Chanute Police Department is a progressive department with room for advancement.  Positions include:  Special Response Team (SRT), Bike Patrol, Lab Team, Master Patrol Officer, Sergeant Detective and Drug Task Force.  The department employs high-tech equipment, state of the art training and highly competent men and women.  Patrol duties include enforcing laws, investigations of crimes, accidents and providing public assistance.


KLETC preferred but not required, high school graduate, 21 years of age, valid Kansas driver’s license, excellent health, U.S. citizen and no criminal record.  Applicants must successfully complete a preliminary background check and a written exam.  Applicants recommended for hire will be required to successfully complete a post offer drug screen psychological and physical exams.  Must meet state and city required standards of firearms and in-service training.  The ability to communicate well in person, over the phone and over the radio with public and other police department employees.  Veteran’s Preference Eligible (VPE). Veterans that meet the minimum test requirements shall receive an interview and are entitled to veteran’s preference.


  • Excellent health insurance benefit package.
  • KP&F retirement.
  • Ten paid holidays, 12 sick paid days per year, overtime pay for holidays worked, paid vacation time and paid incentive day.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Uniforms are provided.


Starting wage ranges from $17.26 - $18.99 (DOQ).

To Apply:

Apply at the Memorial Building, Human Resource Dept., third floor, 101 S. Lincoln, Chanute, KS, or fill out application online at www.chanute.org or mail resume to:  City of Chanute, c/o Human Resource Dept., P.O. Box 907, Chanute, KS  66720 or email resume to kdozier@chanute.org.  Deadline for applications is February 28, 2018.  EOE/M/F/D/V



 *In terms of an 8 hour workday, "Seldom" equals 1% or less; "Occasionally" equals 2-33%; "Frequently" equals 34-66%; and "Continuously" equals 67-100%.

1.         In an 8 hour workday, employee must:          (Check full capacity for each activity)

a.  Sit                                       -No. of Hours.  1(__); 2(__); 3(__); 4(X); 5(__); 6(__): 7(__); 8(__)

b. Stand                                   -No. of Hours.  1(__); 2(X); 3(__); 4(__); 5(__); 6(__): 7(__); 8(__)

c. Walk                                    -No. of Hours.  1(__); 2(X); 3(__); 4(__); 5(__); 6(__): 7(__); 8(__)


2.         Employee's job requires                      Seldom            Occasionally    Frequently       Continuously

a. Bend/Stoop                                     ______            ______            __X___           ______

b. Squat                                               ______            __X___           ______            ______

c. Crawl                                               ______            __X___           ______            ______

d. Climb (Height ______)                   ______            __X___           ______            ______

e. Reach above shoulder                     ______            ______            __X___           ______

f. Crouch                                             ______            __X___           ______            ______

g. Kneel                                               ______            __X___           ______            ______

h. Balance                                           ______            ______            __X___           ______

i. Push/Pull                                          ______            ______            __X___           ______


3.         Employee's job requires carry/lift        Seldom            Occasionally    Frequently       Continuously

a. Up to 10 lbs                                     ______            ______            __X___           ______

b. 11--24 lbs                                        ______            ______            __X___           ______

c. 25--50 lbs                                        ______            __X___           ______            ______

d. 51--74 lbs                                        ______            __X___           ______            ______

e. 75--100 lbs                                      __X___           ______            ______            ______

f. Over 100 lbs                                    __X___           ______            ______            ______


4.         Job requires employee to use feet for repetitive movements:             Yes                  No

a. Right                                                                                               __X___           ______

b. Left                                                                                                 __X___           ______

c. Both                                                                                                __X___           ______


5.         Job requires employees to use hands for repetitive movements such as:

Simple Grasping          Firm Grasping             Fine Manipulation

a. Right                                   Yes_X_ No___           Yes_X_ No___           Yes_X_ No___

b. Left                                     Yes_X_ No___           Yes_X_ No___           Yes_X_ No___


6.         Employee's job requires:                                                                     Yes                  No

a. Working on unprotected heights                                                     __X___           ______

b. Being around moving machinery                                                    __X___           ______

c. Exposure to marked changes in temperature and humidity            __X___           ______

d. Driving (vehicular/construction) equipment                                   __X___           ______

e. Exposure to dust, fumes and gases                                                 __X___           ______


7.         Other requirements/comments:  Eyesight and hearing within normal ranges or correctable to normal ranges.  Physical and mental condition requires applicant to be free of any condition which may             adversely effect the performance of duties as a police officer. 

Vacancy Number: 01252018

Open Date: 1/25/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 2/28/2018 11:59:59 PM