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Supplemental Questions
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You will be required to answer these questions as part of the application process.
  1. Do you have a High School diploma or equivalent? (This is required)
  2. Yes
  3. What is your highest level of education?
  4. High School
    Less than 60 hours of college credit
    Associates Degree
    Greater than 60 hours of college credit
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    None of the above (A High School diploma is required)
  5. How many years of animal control or experience in a related field do you have? (At least one year of experience is required.)
  6. No Experience
    Less than one year of experience
    One to three years of experience
    More than three years of experience
  7. Indicate your level of experience utilizing Word and Excel.
  8. No experience with either Word or Excel
    No experience with Word/experience with Excel
    No experience with Excel/experience with Word
    Proficient with Word
    Proficient with Excel
    Comfortable with Word, but would not say proficient
    Comfortable with Excel, but would not say proficient
  9. Describe any experience you may have testifying in a court of law as it relates to the Animal Control Officer position.
  10. Do you fluently speak any language in addition to English? If so, which language(s). Use N/A, if you only speak English)
  11. Have you ever been convicted of or committed a felony (include expungements)?
  12. Yes
  13. If the answer to the above question is yes, please explain. If no, put N/A
  14. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor (include expungements)?
  15. Yes
  16. If you answer yes to the above question, please explain. If no, put N/A.
  17. Have you ever been dismissed, asked to resign, or had any disciplinary action taken against you from any employment or position you have held?
  18. Yes
  19. If yes to the question above, please explain further. If no, please put N/A.
  20. Please list names of relatives (include in-laws and all relatives) who are currently employed with the City of Derby. If none, please put N/A.
  21. Are you available to work evenings, weekends and holidays?
  22. Yes