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Employer: City of Kingman
Division: EMS
Job Title: Full-Time Paramedic
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

Position Summary


            This employee works under the direction and supervision of the EMS Director. The Full-Time (FT) Paramedic will provide emergency medical care in a pre-hospital setting to the fullest potential of his or her scope of practice. This position will supervise lower certified technicians providing patient care in the absence of the EMS Director or EMS Captain. This position will have tasks as assigned by the EMS Director and/or the EMS Captain and will serve a crucial member of the EMS Department. Duties may contain but are not limited to responding to emergency calls, performing transfers, statistical and data entry, training, general vehicle and building maintenance, assisting in training (up to his or her scope), public relations and education, and other duties as assigned. Must live within city limits (or 10 minutes from the station). Candidates will be given 3 months to relocate to Kingman from date of hire.


Examples of Work:

  • Supervises subordinate personnel (lower certifications and part-time employees)
  • Assists the EMS Director and EMS Captain with projects and duties as assigned
  • Prepares reports
  • Assists in departmental training
  • Responds to EMS calls during scheduled office and call time
  • Operates emergency vehicles and equipment to provide care to his or her scope of practice
  • General station and vehicle maintenance and cleaning duties
  • Various data entry
  • Patient documentation via an Internet-based electronic PCR program
  • Maintains a working and professional relationship with other health care providers



            More than 12 months field experience in any certification level is preferred, but not necessary. It will be required of this employee to function in this position with little supervision within six months of start date. This employee must be able to attend to patients with emergency conditions, such as cardiac arrest, without support of another equally or higher certified technician or supervision once released from general orientation.



  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Associates Degree (Preferred)



  • Kansas Paramedic Certification
  • Departmental Pit-Crew CCR/CPR within 1 month of hire
  • ACLS Provider (ability to obtain within six months)
  • NIMS ICS 100 and 700 (obtained by end of orientation)


Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to squat and kneel
  • Exerts more than 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or in excess of 25-50 pounds of force frequently, and/or 10-25 pounds of force constantly.
  • Must be able to read small print (i.e. size 5 -Times New Roman) such as that found on medication labels


Essential Functions


            The FT Paramedic must be comfortable, competent, and confident in administering medical treatment to the fullest his or her scope of practice will allow. This individual will possibly be the highest certified attendant on the EMS call and must rely on his or her skills with only the assistance of a BLS providers. This position will serve critical office functions as well, knowledge or willing to learn Microsoft Office products is required (Word and Excel). This provider must have an aptitude for various computer operations to write electronic PCR’s. This provider will also be required to operate emergency vehicles and equipment required to care for patients to his or her scope of practice. Must be bondable.


Problem Solving

            This position will require critical thinking in emergency situations. The FT Paramedic must be able to perform a thorough examination and differential diagnosis. This employee must develop treatment plans and carry out those treatment plans based on their suspected diagnosis. This provider may also have supervisory responsibility and must assist the EMS Director in developing plans to maintain or improve departmental functions. This employee may also face issues with subordinate personnel that must be managed tactfully.


Decision Making

            The FT Paramedic will assist administration in making critical decisions regarding the operation of the EMS department. This provider must also make critical decisions regarding patient care in emergency and fast-paced situations.



            The FT Paramedic will be held accountable for his or her actions that are within control. This provider will also be held accountable for the operations of his or her crew that are within control when acting as a supervisor. Each FT Paramedic will also be accountable for ethical standards and practice delivered by the EMS crew assigned to.



             The FT Paramedic may be required to supervise subordinate personnel certified as a Paramedic, AEMT, EMT, EMR, or Rescue Technicians. Reference the Kingman EMS Standard Operational Guidelines (SOG) for a detailed hierarchy.


Personal Relations

             FT Paramedics will be responsible for maintaining a positive working relationship with co-workers, hospital staff, other departments within the City of Kingman, and the public. This provider will maintain a polite, courteous, respectful, and professional demeanor at all times while representing Kingman EMS. 

Vacancy Number: KM6

Open Date: 2/6/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: