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Employer: Wichita Area Technical College
Division: Strategic Innovations
Job Title: Workforce Training Director
Salary: $65000.00 Annually

Job Description:

Job Summary:

The primary responsibility of this position is leadership and day-to-day management of the College’s non-credit Workforce Training Solutions department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Leads the non-credit Workforce Training Solutions department, focusing on training and support related to the manufacturing and aviation industries.
  2. Identifies potential training clients among local and regional business and industry sites and assessing their needs.
  3. Identifies current and future training and testing needs among local and regional employers.
  4. Develops training and testing solutions that meet employer needs.  This includes using state of the art equipment and instructional strategies to deliver training solutions in an innovative, impactful manner.
  5. Manages finances related to the Workforce Training Solutions business department.
  6. Designs, develops and implements market promotional activities for training and testing services.
  7. Develops a training and testing workforce that provides high quality services. This includes identifying, interviewing and training contract and full time trainers to deliver high quality training experiences of behalf of the college.
  8. Maintains supervisory duties over trainers.
  9. Evaluates the outcomes of training and testing services and surveys clients to determine the level of satisfaction as well as identifying opportunities for additional services.
  10. Reports metrics related to the services and activities of the Workforce Training Solutions department.
  11. Manages contracts of federal and state funded partnerships that the college engages is to offer support to aviation and manufacturing companies across the state of Kansas.
  12. Assists other team members in the overall leadership of the Division, specifically financial management, workforce management, facilities management, and establishment and accomplishment of the Strategic Innovations Division’s goals and strategies.

Education, Experience, Knowledge & Skills Needed:

  1. At least 2 years of progressive management experience are required related to the duties of the position.  A BA degree in a related field may be substituted for 2 years of the required experience.
  2. A demonstrated professional knowledge is required in each of the areas of leadership, workforce administration, and training administration, public relations, marketing of services, financial management, and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and agreements.
  3. Excellent communication skills utilizing proper English with individuals and groups, including orally and in writing.
  4. Previous experience with public speaking is preferred, including speaking to very large groups.
  5. Demonstrated record of collegial collaboration with students, peers, clients, community leaders, and members of the public.
  6. User skills are required with MS Word, MS Outlook, and MS Excel, and audio-video equipment.
  7. Comfortable working with data and statistics, including the use of calculators and formulas.

Other Position Requirements:  

  1. Work effectively and productively as a team member.  Keep others informed of information needed.  Treat others with respect, maintaining a spirit of cooperation.
  2. Maintain effective and professional verbal and written interactions with peers, customers, supervisors and other staff.  Use diplomacy and tact in dealing with difficult situations or people.  Demonstrate effective listening skills. Is receptive to constructive feedback.
  3. Maintain acceptable overall attendance record, to include department meetings, all-employee meetings/trainings as required.  Ensure appropriate notification to supervisor for absences, and ensure that work is covered.  Be flexible in work schedule when needed.
  4. Produce quantity of work necessary to meet job requirements.
  5. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to handle new assignments, changes in procedures and business requirements.  Identify what needs to be done and take appropriate action.
  6. Complete assigned work; meet deadlines without reminders/follow-up from supervisor or others.
  7. Perform work conscientiously with a high degree of accuracy.
  8. Participate in a minimum of 20 hours professional development activities on an annual basis to remain current with industry trends and advancements.


Working Conditions:  

Must be able to work in a multi-tasked, high-volume environment, completing multiple and competing priorities. Daily attendance is required to meet the needs of students and prospective students. Attendance is required at meetings and in-services some of which may be out of the area. Work schedules may fluctuate to accommodate College needs, deadlines and delivery of services. Long periods of sitting and/or standing required, as well as long periods of delivering or evaluating training. Extended periods of typing/data entry are required. Sufficient vision and hearing are required to complete the work and interact with students, staff, faculty and the public. Independent travel by car and/or public carrier is required to enable flexibility to work at alternate campuses when needed. Some travel is to unfamiliar locations and some requires overnight travel of several days per trip. Lifting and carrying training materials and literature frequently, often up to 20 pounds per item.  Evening and weekend work may be required.

Vacancy Number: AD100-0008

Open Date: 3/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: