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Supplemental Questions
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You will be required to answer these questions as part of the application process.
  1. Do you have a valid drivers License?
  2. Yes
  3. If yes, list state of issue, driver's license number and expiration date.
  4. In an effort to better see where our recruiting efforts are most successful, please tell us where you first learned of the job vacancy
  5. I read it in the Salina Journal
    I regularly check saline.org
    I follow Saline County's Facebook Page
    I follow Saline County's Twitter Page
    I follow Saline County's Linkedin Page
    A referral from an employee/friend/relative
    I saw it on Indeed.com
    I regularly check HRePartners.com
    I saw it on Salina Cable Access TV
    I regularly check Kansasworks.com
    I regularly check Salinatech.edu
  6. If your response is "Other", please explain or enter "NA"