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Employer: Garden City Community College
Division: Athletics
Job Title: Athletic Trainer
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

This position will focus solely on football during the football season, and will assist with other sports during the football offseason.Assist with the operations and activities of the Athletic Training Room and is responsible for the treatment of injuries suffered by student athletes, and/or recommending other medical treatment as needed. Has an understanding and working knowledge of The National Athletic Trainer's Association's Code of Ethics, familiarity with the American Medical Association guidelines for injuries and the codes and rules set forth by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

Treats injuries and recommends medical attention for athletes injured in sporting events. Provides administrative support to sporting events and assists athletic director as needed. Provides injury preventative education to athletes and coaches and also provides rehabilitation of injuries through nutrition counseling and/or physical activities. As a certified athletic trainer, must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in six areas known as the domains of athletic training. They are: prevention of athletic injuries; recognition, evaluation and assessment of injuries; immediate care of injuries, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries, health care administration; and professional development and responsibility. Maintain contact with local physicians and supply distributors. Prepares necessary paperwork related to injury reports, insurance reports and training manuals. Other duties as assigned.

Performance Measurements

1. To understand policies and procedures of National and State Athletic Associations rules, code of conduct and eligibility requirements.

2. To adhere to community/life and National and State standards.

3. To demonstrate leadership on our campus through athletics.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Experience: Two years of similar or related experience preferred but not required.

Education: A Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training, Sports Medicine or related field. Master's degree preferred or intentions to complete a Master's degree.

Interpersonal Skills: Courtesy, tact, and diplomacy are essential elements of the job. Work involves much personal contact with others and/or can be of a personal or sensitive nature; giving or obtaining information, building relationships or soliciting cooperation. Work may involve motivating or influencing others.

Other Skills: Experience in an academic discipline or higher education is desired. Two years professional experience at the college level preferred. Computer proficiency and familiarity with word-processing and database software desired (Microsoft Office preferred). A bachelor's degree in athletic training or related field. Master's degree in related field preferred. National Athletic Trainer's Association Board of Certification (NATABOC) necessary. Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills are necessary. CPR/First Aid Certification required; CPR/First Aid Instructor Preferred: Kansas State Board of Healing Arts Licensure necessary. An understanding and working knowledge of The National Athletic Trainer's Association's Code of Ethics, Familiarity with the American Medical Association guidelines for injuries and the codes and rules set forth by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts is required.

Physical Requirements: The physical demands for this position are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the Assistant Athletic Trainer. The essential functions are but not limited to lifting, carrying equipment, sitting, climbing, kneeling, standing and walking. Requires the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time. It also requires constant hand grasp and finger dexterity; extended standing, walking and repetitive leg and arm movements; occasional bending; reaching forward, side to side, downward and overhead; and squatting and kneeling. Job requires above average agility and dexterity. At times, it will be necessary to lift, push/pull or carry as much as 50 pounds or more.

Salary: Based on qualifications and experience.

Apply: Position will remain open until filled.

Starting Date: As soon as possible after selection.

To complete the application process, candidates must submit:

  1. Application letter expressing interest in position.

  2. Personal resume

  3. Copy of college transcripts and appropriate certificates

  4. Up to three current letters of recommendation submitted directly to the Director of Human Resources by the individual providing the reference

Contact: Human Resources Office

                Garden City Community College

                801 Campus Drive

                Garden City, KS 67846

                (620) 276-0362; FAX (620) 276-9573

                E-mail hr@gcccks.edu

Vacancy Number: 04418

Open Date: 6/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: