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Employer: Goodwill Industries
Division: Goodwill Industries
Job Title: E-Commerce Key Holder
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To manage and operate in absence of the E-Comm Manager in selling material that has been processed by Goodwill Industries employees. To fulfill mission statement. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general supervision of the E-Comm Manager and District Manager with considerable latitude for making decisions within the established policies and procedures. Refers questions involving deviation from established policies and procedures to Vice President of Operations. SUPERVISION EXERCISED: E-Commerce Personnel EDUCATION: QUALIFICATIONS: High school education or the equivalent with in courses in simple bookkeeping, accounting, simple bookkeeping, accounting, business, law, etc. Prefer experience with Internet and digital camera. EXPERIENCE/SPECIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Must have full knowledge of bookkeeping, internet and accounting to maintain sales records and reports incidental to store operations. Must have a well-developed sense of responsibility. Must be bondable. SAFETY STATEMENT: "No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely." ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with individuals who have disabilities and or barriers to employment and participate in the achievement of their goals. Demonstrate a positive, role model. Display commitment and involvement towards Goodwill's mission. JOB PROFICIENCIES: Delegation, Action Oriented, Conflict Management, Customer Focus, Negotiating, Judgement and Problem Solving, Motivating People, Ethics and Trust, Written Communications, Oral Communications, Inter-Personal Communications, Cooperation, Creditability, Customer Service Orientation, Integrity, Initiative, Job Knowledge, Quality, Teamwork, Accuracy, Adaptability, Dependability, Planning and Organization, Product Knowledge, Performance Coaching, Goal Orientation/Achievement, Analytical, Persuasiveness, Technology Skills, Computer Skills, Managing People, Leadership, Safety and Security. JOB COMPETENCIES: Serves as hiring manager. Completes employee work schedules, evaluations, ADP and handles customer complaints. Oversees store operation including inventory, warehouse and stock rotation. Performs all administrative and clerical details associated with store operation and orders supplies as needed. Provides supervision for all data entry, photographer, and shippers, trains’ employees and follows cash handling procedures. MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide opportunities for people with disabilities and barriers to employment seeking independent and productive lives.” As a member of the management staff, sets an example for his or her workers. Personal conduct must reflect the high standards of integrity expected of all Goodwill staff personnel. Is expected to exercise good judgement in handling the wide variety of day-to-day operational problems which arise continuously in store operation. Must be thoroughly familiar and continually stress the Goodwill sales philosophy. Performs those duties, which are part of every day supervisory job. In addition, is responsible for and either does or supervises the following: ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Maintains store premises and grounds in a clean, neat condition. Reports need for repairs and recommends replacements as necessary. Assures that the appearance of the store and premises is creditable at all times. 2. Sells merchandise as time permits. Attends to and satisfies customer’s needs. Handles customer complaints in a fair and impartial manner, coordinating as necessary. 3. Receives and checks incoming stock. Checks condition and placement of stock in a clean, neat, and orderly condition. Rotates stock in accordance with store procedure. 4. Oversee all daily operational issues associated with shop goodwill. 5. Performs administrative and clerical details of store operation, such as; preparing stock requests, ordering forms, bags and other supplies, receiving, and disposing of mail, handling cash as directed by current procedures, etc. 6. Monitor product flow and production numbers. 7. Maintain records of store operations as required. Reviews and analyzes sales to determine effectiveness of methods used and adequacy of prices. Makes recommendations to Vice President of Operations and Area Manager. 8. Communicate with retail stores weekly. 9. Handle email communications from buyers. 10. Solicit donations based on market trends. 11. Monitor site for required daily data. (from stores) 12. Responsible for Daily Summary Report, bank deposits, and credit card reports. 13. Track all expenses associated with shipping and handling. 14. Handles shipping merchandise 15. Assist the team in making production goals. 16. Follows all cash handling procedures. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Adhere to all ethical standards and confidentiality of records. 2. Support mission statement and activities of other departments. 3. Represents Goodwill in the area served, striving to enhance the Goodwill image through individual and group participation. 4. Responsible for safety and well-being of all employees. 5. Safeguards the premises and material under his or her care at all times. Seeks to reduce the possibility of pilferage or burglary. Constantly watches for fire hazards and unsafe conditions. 6. Adhere to all safety policies and reports violations. 7. Support the accessibility of our services and facilities free of architectural, attitudinal, environmental, financial, communication, Transportation, employment and other barriers to person with disabilities and barriers to employment. 8. Other duties as assigned. Relations with Store/Plant Personnel: Follows program plan in work assignments. Represents management to them. Is fair and impartial in his/her relations with them. Relations with E-Commerce Customers: Is uniformly courteous to them. Listens to any complaints and attempts to adjust within policy to the satisfaction of the customer when merchandise is not satisfactory. Uses good judgement and does not hesitate to take responsibility. Stresses courtesy and enthusiasm. Relations with Vice President of Operations and District Manager: Keeps him/her informed of significant events. Recommends changes in policies and procedures based on store operations. Is particularly sensitive to management requests and adheres to deadlines and due dates. NOTE: Must have a telephone and maintain it in operating order within telephone company's maintenance capabilities. Must pass/complete background check. Must be a licensed driver-must be insurable. STANDARDS FOR MEASURING PERFORMANCE/QUALITY STANDARDS: 1. The cleanliness, neatness, and orderliness of his/her store premises. 2. Attendance and punctuality. 3. The effectiveness of his/her relations with the E-Commerce Customers and the manner in which he/she handles complaints by customers. 4. The effectiveness of his/her merchandising methods. 5. The manner in which he/she meets or exceeds sales goals and the extent to which he/she adheres to his/her budget program. 6. The manner in which he/she manages the receipt, transfer, and shipment of material-to include coordination and cooperation.

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Open Position located at 3636 N. Oliver


Vacancy Number: GW-E-Comm

Open Date: 4/24/2018 12:00:00 AM
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