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Employer: Pratt Community College
Job Title: Associate Director of Special Program Admissions
Salary: $0 Monthly

Job Description:

General Description and Purpose

The Associate Director of Special Program Admissions is responsible for coordinating all college activities related to recruiting, admissions and onboarding, for the Electrical Power Technology (EPT) and nursing programs; also International student admissions and onboarding. The position exists to ensure: recruiting and enrollment goals are met and to provide services for prospective students and enrolled students interested in special programs.  Also, to develop and maintain the communication flow for all stakeholders in these market segments. The Associate Director is responsible for recruiting, admissions and onboarding of students for targeted programs determined as enrollment priorities by the administration. The Associate Director of Special Program Admissions is directly responsible to the Director of Admissions & College Start/HS/CTE. The Associate Director also assists and supports general admissions and retention initiatives. The Associate Director is expected to work with the, Registrar, Coordinator of Enrollment Services, Dean of Nursing Director of Nursing, Director of Allied Health, the Coordinator of Marketing Communications, and Coordinator of College Relations and administration to facilitate relations, support services and coordination. The Associate Director will also serve as the Host Home Program facilitator and point-of-contact.

Primary Functions/Responsibilities

Nursing Program & Electrical Power Technology (EPT) Admissions 

  1. Serve as the institutional point-of-contact for EPT and nursing program admissions, recruiting and onboarding.
  2. Coordinate a comprehensive EPT and nursing program recruiting plan which includes relationship marketing/recruiting case management, goal tracking and accountability.
  3. Coordinate and implement day-to-day EPT and nursing program admissions processing, including the intake documents, materials and data required for determining entrance into the EPT and nursing programs.
  4. Coordinate and implement communication and engagement with prospective students, employees, external parties interested in receiving information about the EPT and nursing programs.
  5. Coordinate, develop, implement and administer communication flow program for all nursing prospects and nursing program markets
  6. Coordinate, implement and administer day-to-day communication with prospective students, school officials, others, including, but not limited to, telephone communication, social media, email and face-to-face.
  7. Data entry and processing of data required to determine applicant eligibility to the program.
  8. Work with the Data Coordinator to track EPT and nursing recruiting and admissions data, EPT and nursing program enrollment data and maintain the necessary reports for tracking and trend analysis.
  9. Coordinate institutional representation at recruiting events as requested.
  10. Coordinate on-site visits to health care business and industry as requested.
  11. Plan recruiting materials in cooperation with the Coordinator of Marketing Communications, Coordinator of College Relations and the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.
  12. Compile and continually update lists of prospective students for staff, faculty, and administrative reference. 
  13. Maintain and report all statistical information as requested.
  14. Remain current on enrollment trends and up-to-date practices.
  15. Cooperate with and inform all faculty members, staff, and administration of matters pertaining to recruiting and retention of EPT and nursing students.
  16. Espouse a collaborative work ethic and philosophy of higher education that is compatible with the mission of a comprehensive community college.
  17. Espouse a collaborative work ethic and philosophy of higher education that is compatible with the mission of the comprehensive community college.
  18. Maintain effective communication with the Vice Presidents and President on the EPT and nursing programs and day-to-day operation status; communicate any problems that may occur.
  19. Other duties as assigned by, Director, Vice President and President.

Admissions – Targeted Programs for Enrollment

  1. Provide additional one-on-one (telephone, text, email) communication to prospective students listing an interest in a targeted program for enrollment.
  2. Identify what action (with the student, program faculty, coach, and admissions recruiter) needed for student to “commit” and enroll at Pratt Community College.
  3. Confer with program faculty to identify one unique recruiting initiative for the program to “host, attend, or initiate” which will positively impact enrollment of students in the targeted program. Examples include, but are not limited to: Attendance/staffing at a special event, special campus visit day, unique correspondence to student, counselor HS tech faculty, coordinate on behalf of faculty a special presentation in a high school classroom. Associated costs will be the primary responsibility of the program, although may be shared with admissions if budgeted.
  4. Utilize the Fall Enrollment Tracking Report “majors tab” (by Data Coordinator) to track program majors and ensure goal achievement.
  5.  Assume joint responsibility for recruiting targeted program majors and achievement of program goals established through Office of Instruction and or President’s Cabinet.
  6. Establish processes which will contribute positively to the recruitment of students, the communication with high school officials and/or business/industry representatives.
  7. Meet with targeted program prospects during campus visits and Beaver Building Day.
  8. Assist in confirming a campus visit date and enrollment date for technical program prospects.
  9. Become the campus liaison for targeted program recruiting, garnering an understanding of each program, their requirements, deadlines, key information and communicate this information to the admissions team and other key offices as appropriate.
  10. Other duties as determined are needed to support technical program recruiting, communication and enrollment.

International Student Admissions

  1. Serve as the institutional official and point-of-contact for international student admissions and manage admission requirements, policies, procedures, and communication for international students.
  2. Understand and stay current on international student regulations, compliance and laws
  3. Maintain recruiting and prospective international student reports on the common drive to allow tracking of required admissions documents and status of admissions process.
  4. Maintain and report all statistical information as requested.
  5. Cooperate with and inform all faculty members, staff, and administration of matters pertaining to international student recruiting and compliance status.
  6. Serve as the institution’s point-of-contact and manager of the Student and Exchange Visitors Program (SEVP).

Student Services

Associate Director will provide assistance to the functional areas of admissions, registrar, enrollment, advising, college relations and communication marketing as determined by the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.

  1. Serve as the Host Home Program facilitator and point-of-contact.
  2. Assist with admissions duties related to new student recruitment and retention, including management of an assigned recruiting territory.
  3. Assist with student advising, testing and enrollment processing as requested.
  4. Assist with new student transcript and degree processing as requested.
  5. Assist with communication to prospective and enrolled students through social media, direct mail, email and personal contact as requested.
  6. Assist with campus events related to admissions, enrollment, and college relations as requested.
  7. Assist with maintenance of web content as requested.
  8. Participate in travel assignments by visiting high schools and attending college planning conferences as requested.
  9. Cooperate and assist with other Student Services. Attend and support college events and activities as appropriate.

Coordination and Accountability Tasks

  1. Assist the Directors and Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management in the operation of an overall EPT and nursing program recruiting and retention plans.
  2. Collaborate, communicate and coordinate with the EPT and nursing department faculty/staff, program partners, college employees and administration.
  3. General recruitment and representation of the EPT and nursing programs through various mediums such as, but not limited to recruiting events, meetings, information sessions, online, partnership initiatives, etc.
  4. General recruitment and representation for targeted programs for enrollment throug various mediums such as, but not limited to recruiting events, meetings, information sessions, online, partnership initiatives, etc.
  5. Participate in staff development, in-service training, and educational advancement on a regular basis.
  6. Serve on college committees as requested.
  7. Develop and submit reports as requested.
  8. Assist students with understanding financial aid and scholarship information as needed.
  9. Maintain an emphasis on quality service to internal and external customers.
  10. Perform other duties assigned by the Director and Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other Characteristics

  1. Develop a professional and solid rapport with department staff, faculty members, staff and administration members.
  2. Willing to work evenings and/or weekends and with a flexible work schedule.
  3. Willing to travel within the state of Kansas as requested.
  4. Self-starter and have the ability to work with little direct supervision and to work successfully in a collaborative work environment.
  5. Understanding of non-traditional instructional methodologies appropriate for delivery to secondary markets.
  6. Excellent skills in oral and written communication, organization and human relations.
  7. Execute computers skills in the use of word processing, database, and spreadsheet and other areas as needed.
  8. Multi-task and demonstrate excellent time management, customer service, marketing and sales skills, with a student-centered philosophy.
  9. Work with a diverse population and support diversity awareness.
  10. Understand and support the mission, philosophy, vision, goals and objectives of PCC.
  11. Possess a high degree of ethical standards, including adherence to general rules for safety and procedures.
  12. Implement marketing techniques and needs assessments.
  13. Apply a sales management approach, including tracking and reporting of productivity.



  1. Two years prior experience in college admissions, outreach or student personnel operations required.
  2. Exposure to recruiting practice and procedures as well as retention procedures of both the traditional and non-traditional student required.
  3. Excellent interpersonal communication and management skills required.
  4. Two years administrative experience with an on-line student information system required.
  5. Experience in problem solving required.



Bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, Student Personnel Services or related field required.

Master’s degree preferred in Educational Administration or Student Personnel Services.


Work Conditions/Environment

Office setting as well as frequent traveling throughout state. Must be able to walk across campus and access various types of buildings.


Position requires evening and weekend work

Apply online at www,prattcc.edu or download application and send completed employment application, resume and copies of transcripts to Personnel Director, Pratt Community College, 348 NE S.R. 61, Pratt, KS 67124. 620-450-2139. 



Vacancy Number: 05092018

Open Date: 5/9/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: