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Employer: City of McPherson
Division: Planning and Zoning
Job Title: Planning and Zoning Administrator
Salary: $22.79 Hourly

Job Description:

Planning and Zoning Administrator

City of McPherson                                                                                                           Public Works

POSITION SUMMARY                                                                                                                                 

Under the supervision of the Public Works Director, the Planning and Zoning Administrator is an exempt position under FLSA.  The Planning and Zoning Administrator’s primary responsibilities are overseeing a results-oriented, customer-centered approach to development-related services such as land use, development and floodplain regulation administration, nuisance abatement and code enforcement, residential and providing supervisory authority and guidance to the Code Enforcement Officer/Sanitation Officer and Building Inspector(s), administering zoning and subdivision regulations, assisting the City on matters of physical development of the City and other development policies.  Also supervises and assists the City Planning Commission and the City Board of Zoning Appeals.  Coordinates and organizes the City’s project review team.  This employee should possess excellent communication, organizational, and public relations skills.


  • Oversees enforcement of zoning, health, building, and nuisance related City codes and ordinances;
  • Serves in an official capacity as Zoning Administrator, Subdivision Administrator, and Floodplain Administrator for the City of McPherson;
  • Serves as the first point of contact and liaison throughout the development process for residential and commercial developers and builders by guiding them through the development process and clearly communicating expectations throughout the development process;
  • Processes applications for zoning district changes, special use permits, conditional use permits, zoning appeals and zoning variance requests;
  • Schedules and prepares information for monthly and special Planning Commission meetings;


  • Completes agendas and minutes for Planning Commission;
  • Communicates public and staff driven planning related meeting notices to applicants, relevant property owners, staff, and boards and commissions regarding all relevant upcoming meetings;

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FLSA:                          EXEMPT


ADA:                    APPLICABLE


FMLA:                        ELIGIBLE


KPERS:                     ELIGIBLE






  • Tracks all cases to ensure completion and passage of ordinances or resolutions;
  • Coordinates, organizes, and arranges, and records information meetings for the City’s project review team;
  • Communicates correspondence and expectations of project review team to commercial, industrial, and residential developers who have submitted projects
  • Receives citizen complaints and takes action or refers to the Code Enforcement Officer;
  • Processes zoning permit applications and coordinates with Building Inspector and Engineering Department to ensure all code compliance expectations are communicated;
  • Records and organizes all correspondence (including verbal, written and electronic communications) regarding planning related case inquires, applications or other questions and answers.
  • Processes applications for new subdivisions;
  • Schedules and prepares information for the Board of Zoning Appeals meetings;
  • Completes agendas and minutes for the Board of Zoning Appeals;
  • Advises the City’s Boards and Commission (including BZA, Planning Commission and City Commission) on needed changes or complete revisions to the Planning and Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Floodplain Regulations and Comprehensive Plan Documents.
  • Follows department policies and procedures;
  • Follows safety procedures and practices.


  • Assists other departments as needed;
  • Serves as the key point of contact for U.S. Census Bureau information coordinating and gathering information requested by the agency.
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.


Planning and Zoning Administrator


Experience: One to three years of similar or related experience is required.  A minimum of three years in municipal planning and/or development experience is preferred. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within one year of employment.

Education:  A Bachelor’s degree in planning or public administration or a related field is required. A valid Kansas driver’s license is required

Technical Skills:  A thorough knowledge of federal, state, and local codes and regulations, legal procedures, construction phases and techniques, and inspections, and a working knowledge of computers, GIS and mapping systems, and mathematics are required.  This employee must be able to operate computers, printers, copiers, and other department equipment.  The ability to understand and anticipate problems, to interpret codes and regulations, to prepare reports, and to understand written instructions, reports, proposals, specifications, blueprints, manuals, and code books is required.  Forward thinking, a willingness to innovate, and an entrepreneurial philosophy will be paramount for the position to have success in meeting the community’s needs. The Administrator will be expected to have a presence in the community.  Public relations and communication will be a critical skill for this position. This employee must excel in public relations, organizational, oral and written communication.

Problem Solving: Independent problem solving is involved in this position.  This employee must be able to balance their role as the chief enforcement officer for codes along with that of the promoter of growth in the areas of commercial and residential development.  Must administer sound enforcement of adopted City codes while continuing to serve as a promoter of policies and procedures that encourage development in the community. This employee encounters problems with developers, builders, citizen complaints and inquiries and code violations.

Residency Requirement:  This position requires residency as stated in the latest version of the employee handbook.   

Decision Making: Independent decision-making is involved in this position.  This employee makes decisions about resolving citizen issues, investigating health and sanitation problems, interpreting codes and regulations, prioritizing daily assignments, and performing daily duties in the most efficient manner.

Supervision:  This employee works with limited supervision from the Public Works Director.  This employee exercises supervision over Building Inspection Personnel, Code Enforcement/Sanitation Officer and other seasonal or part-time employees as needed.

Financial Accountability: This employee is responsible for City resources and equipment.  This employee does have the authority to purchase necessary department supplies.  This employee does participate, prepare, and monitor the annual budget process for Building Inspection and Sanitation/Planning Departments.

Personal Relations:  Daily contact with the general public, developers, community stakeholders, subordinate personnel, co-workers, and supervisory personnel, and frequent contact with the organization’s governing body is expected.

Working Conditions: No adverse working conditions exist within this position.  Working in an office setting with a computer is the primary aspect of this position.

Physical Requirements: Physical activity associated with working in an office setting is required to perform the daily duties of this position.

***The specific statements shown in this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.

Vacancy Number: Mcp 18-10

Open Date: 6/26/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 7/20/2018 11:59:59 PM