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Employer: City of Liberal
Job Title: Beautification Supervisor
Salary: $0 

Job Description:



The fundamental reason this classification exists is to plan and implement a beautification maintenance program for parks, golf courses, City right-of-ways, and other areas over which the City has responsibility. The incumbent supervises the work of beautification employees plus employees from other departments who trim, repair, treat, plant, remove and water trees and shrubs. The Beautification Supervisor works with considerable independence in accomplishing assigned duties, under the general direction of the Community Development Director, who evaluates performance based upon results.



·         Supervises personnel involved in beautication care and maintenance activities;

·         Observes symptoms or conditions of plant and tree injuries or diseases, makes diagnosis and prescribes treatment;

·         Oversees activities which promote healthy growth and development of trees through fertilization and insect control;

·         Prepares reports, job cost estimates, and preliminary budget estimates;

·         Conducts research, gathers data, prepares reports, project budgets and drawings, and makes necessary public contacts leading to the design of parks, recreation facilities, or other municipal projects;

·         Prepares detailed drawings, studies, and presentations independently or from sketches and verbal instructions;

·         Prepares quantity and cost estimates of proposed landscape projects;

·         Prepares working drawings such as layouts, grading, drainage, and planting plans;

·         Coordinates work with consultants, other City departments, and applicable city, county, state, or other agencies;

·         Prepares and participates in presentations before the public and/various City Boards and commissions;

·         Participates in field inspections of landscape projects under construction;

·         Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality customer service.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

·         Plant and tree maintenance, preservation and removal techniques and procedures, including pruning, spraying, treating, bracing, boxing, moving, aerating, fertilizing and soil planting requirements.

·         Insects, parasites, and diseases and the composition and use of insecticides, fungicides, and disinfectants.

·         Plant biology and the common and botanical names of plants and trees in Kansas and those which may be transplanted in Kansas.

·         Provisions, laws, ordinances and policies pertaining to the planting, maintenance, treatment and removal of trees in the City.

·         Principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to:

·         Perform a broad range of supervisory responsibilities over others.

·         Interpret graphic instructions, such as blueprints, schematic drawings, layouts, or other visual aids.

·         Communicate ideas in the English language.

·         Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.

·         Enter data or information into a terminal, PC, or other keyboard device.

·         Work cooperatively with the general public and other City employees.

·         Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.

Work Environment:

·         Move heavy objects (50 pounds or more) short distances (20 feet or less).

·         Move light objects (less than 20 pounds) long distances (more than 20 feet).

·         Travel across rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces.

·         Bend or stoop repeatedly or continually over time.

·         Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements.

·         Lift arms above shoulder level.

·         Remain in a sitting position for extended periods.

·         Make fine, highly controlled muscular movements to adjust the position of control mechanisms.

·         Coordinate the movement of more than one limb simultaneously, such as operating a clutch and accelerator.

·         Climb ladders or steps to reach objects.

Additional Requirements:

·         This classification requires the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record. In addition, individuals are required to pass an Kansas Department of Transportation physical exam and possess the appropriate commercial driver's license. Pre-employment drug testing is required, and employees will be subject to unannounced alcohol and drug testing as a condition of continued employment. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage.

·         Some positions will require the performance of other essential and marginal functions depending upon work location, assignment, or shift.



Three years of supervisory experience in beautification work and a bachelor's degree in horticulture, forestry, agronomy, agriculture or a related field. Prefer one year of landscape design. Other combinations of education and experience that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.


Vacancy Number: 45123

Open Date: 7/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: