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Employer: City of Winfield
Division: Street Dept
Job Title: Street Maintenance Worker II
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:

Position Title: Maintenance Worker II
Department: Street
Reports to: Street Superintendent
Pay Grade: 10: $13.41 / $27,892.80 - $19.60 / $40,768.00

Position Summary:
Performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance, construction, and repair of public works, parks, cemetery, traffic control, flood control, public buildings, and equipment

• Set out signs and cones around work areas to divert traffic.
• Flag motorists to warn them of obstacles or repair work ahead.
• Operates light and medium equipment, street sweepers and heavy-duty trucks.
• Drive trucks to transport crews and equipment to work sites.
• Clean and clear debris from culverts, catch basins, drop inlets, ditches, and other drain structures.
• Drive trucks or tractors with adjustable attachments to sweep debris from paved surfaces, and remove snow andice.
• Haul and spread sand, gravel, and clay to fill washouts and repair road shoulders.
• Repairs signs.
• Trims trees, grass, and weeds as necessary.
• Performs concrete work.
• Deals with the public in a manner that positively promotes the image of the City and handles complaints tactfully.
• All employees of the City of Winfield are subject to immediate callout when an emergency, disaster or breach ofhomeland security occurs. Such call to respond and assist may involve those activities to his/her regular job responsibilities and incorporate other non-job-related duties as necessary and required of an employee. Anemployee’s response to these matters may require the working of unusual, long hours over an extended period.
• “This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.”

• Equipment Maintenance - Performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed.
• Equipment Selection - Determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.
• Speaking - Talking to others to convey information effectively.
• Coordination - Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.
• Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
• Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
• Repairing - Repairing machines or systems using the needed tools.
• Judgment and Decision Making - Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
• Operation and Control - Controlling operations of equipment or systems.
• Service Orientation - Actively looking for ways to help people.
• Time Management - Managing one's own time and the time of others.

• Control Precision - The ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine or a vehicle to exact positions.
• Multilimb Coordination - The ability to coordinate two or more limbs (for example, two arms, two legs, or one leg and one arm) while sitting, standing, or lying down. It does not involve performing the activities while the whole body is in motion.
• Static Strength - The ability to exert maximum muscle force to lift, push, pull, or carry objects.
• Manual Dexterity - The ability to quickly move your hand, your hand together with your arm, or your two hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble objects.
• Near Vision - The ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).
• Depth Perception - The ability to judge which of several objects is closer or farther away from you, or to judge the distance between you and an object.
• Rate Control - The ability to time your movements or the movement of a piece of equipment in anticipation of changes in the speed and/or direction of a moving object or scene.
• Peripheral Vision - The ability to see objects or movement of objects to one's side when the eyes are looking ahead.
• Selective Attention - The ability to concentrate on a task over a period without being distracted.
• Gross Body Equilibrium - The ability to keep or regain your body balance or stay upright when in an unstable position.
• Memorization - The ability to remember information such as words, numbers, pictures, and procedures.
• Dynamic Flexibility - The ability to quickly and repeatedly bend, stretch, twist, or reach out with your body, arms, and/or legs.

Experience and Education:
• Any combination of education and experience equivalent to completion of the eighth grade.
• Two years of progressively responsible work in the construction, maintenance, and repair of public facilities, or similar activities, including the use of small trucks and light equipment.
• Must possess or acquire with the probationary period, a valid Kansas commercial driver's license.

Physical Requirements:
• Ability to perform heavy physical work and ability to lift over 100 pounds and to lift and carry up to 100 pounds.
• Ability to stand, walk, sit, bend, crawl, climb, twist, kneel, push, pull and perform other similar body movements.
• Possesses hand/eye/foot coordination adequate to operate a variety of light and medium equipment, tools, machines, and a vehicle.
• Ability to talk and hear in person and by telephone and two-way radio.
• Ability to see and read instructions and messages.

Vacancy Number: 141

Open Date: 7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: