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Employer: Lyon County
Division: Community Corrections
Job Title: Part-Time Juvenile Intake Worker
Salary: $11.00 Hourly

Veterans' Preference is available for this vacancy.
To receive Veterans' Preference, you must supply a copy of your DD214 to the Human Resources department at Lyon County after applying.

Job Description:

Lyon County Community Corrections is searching for a part time Juvenile Intake Worker.  This is a non-exempt position.  The purpose of this position is to provide services for the state-mandated Juvenile Intake and Assessment Services, under the direction of the Kansas Department of Corrections-Juvenile Services. There are no leave or health benefits with this position. 




JOB TITLE:             P/T Juvenile Intake Officer                            ORIGIN DATE:            July 1997

REPORTS TO:         Director                       REVISION DATE:   July 2016

DEPARTMENT:      Community Corrections                                                         

DIVISION:                Juvenile Intake & Assessment            DEPARTMENT NO:15-00                                                 

I.          JOB SUMMARY: This is a non-exempt position.  The purpose of this position is to respond to juvenile offender cases and Child in Need of Care situations identified by local law enforcement and provide services for the state mandated Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center, under the direction of the Kansas Department of Corrections-Juvenile Services. There are no leave or health benefits with this position. 


A.             Every third week; as per rotation: Carry on-call phone and respond to after hour calls from law enforcement between the hours of Monday 5pm to the following Monday 8am (including 8am to 5pm on national holidays). Manage phone and foot traffic (including appointments, police drop-offs and walk-ins) at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC) Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. Serve as back-up to other part time intake workers when necessary.

Gather and maintain accurate information and records regarding Juvenile Offender cases and Child in Need of Care (CINC) situations. This includes collecting written reports from law enforcement; completing juvenile intake interviews and entering date into the JJIAMS program; administering MAYSI-2 assessment tests and 

  1. entering results into computer programs; determining the need for and accepting Immediate Intervention Program (IIP) applications; and completing NPC assessments and scheduling follow up interviews when appropriate. Refer youth and families for additional community resources/services when necessary.


  1. Work with supervisor and law enforcement to determine if juvenile requires placement. Contact detention center or emergency shelter/foster homes to secure appropriate accommodations. Collect all necessary documentation regarding custody of juvenils which may include arrest pages, warrants, LEO narratives, and police protective custody (PPC) forms. Use phone, fax, and/or email to transmit the appropriate documents and notifications to local and state reporting agencies, County Attorney’s office, and placement. Determine transportation requirements of juvenile and make arrangements for local or out-of-town travel. Coordinate with on-call transport drivers to arrange for secure transport of detainees or non-secure transport in CINC cases. Supervise juveniles at the JIAC while awaiting transportation or pending placement. Contact the juvenile’s family if LEO has not already done so.




A.             Participate in initial training, and other regional or state training and seminars as required. Must attend at least 12 hours of training per year. Attend regular staff meetings as requested by supervisor.

B.             May be required to shackle and handcuff juvenile offenders in preparation for transport to detention.

C.             May be required to transport youth to placement in rare instances.

D.             Perform any additional temporary duties as assigned by supervisor.

E.             Provide intake and assessment services for Chase County as needed.

IV.       QUALIFICATIONS:  Requires current Class C driver’s license.

            A.        EDUCATION:  High school diploma required.

            B.        KNOWLEDGE:  Must have the ability to receive, interpret and follow verbal and written instructions.  Required to read, write and speak English with the ability to speak a foreign language helpful.  Knowledge of the principles, methods and procedures to facilitate an acceptable reintegration and/or continued adjustment of juvenile offenders within their environment. Must have knowledge of human behavior and interpersonal relationships.  Knowledge of interviewing and counseling techniques helpful. A thorough knowledge of the community and a working knowledge of state legal and social systems.  A knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to Community Corrections.

            C.        Subject to criminal record history checks, physical examination and drug/alcohol screening prior to employment.

            D.        SKILLS:  Must be able to operate a motor vehicle, as well as the office and communications equipment associated with this position.

                        Problem Solving: Is a frequent factor in this position. 

                        Decision-Making: Is a frequent factor in this position in dealing with variance of responsibilities.

                        Supervisory:  Incumbent performs rather autonomously. 

                        Financial/Budgetary: Purchases are under the guidance of department policy.  The Director has prime responsibility for budgetary procedures and grant programs of the department.

                        Interpersonal:  Continual contact with other county departments, law enforcement agencies, other community providers and the public.

                        Working Conditions: There are minimal adverse working conditions in the department facilities.  Situations may occur where contacts with clients, families and others may be unpleasant.  Arrangements for transportation of juvenile offenders may have to be made at any hour of the day or night, seven days a week.

Physical Requirements: Frequently required to lift objects weighing up to 30 pounds, extending from floor to 60 inches in height. May be required to run, crawl, climb, crouch and kneel.  Requires sufficient visual acuity to read and write and operate office equipment. Requires sufficient hearing level to be able to deal with the public and communicate with others directly or by telephone. Due to the occasional situations involving a verbally or physically aggressive offender, the incumbent must be able to physically defend him or herself and/or subdue a violent offender.


This job description has been examined for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Vacancy Number: 07102018-01

Open Date: 7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: