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Employer: City of Andale
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:


Please apply at Andale City Hall, 326 N Main, Andale, KS

Or email : clerk@cityofandale.com to request application




The Maintenance Worker position is a skilled and semi-skilled position performing water, wastewater and general maintenance duties.  Work involves performing tasks and the operation of various mechanical tools and equipment to maintain the sewer system, water system, street maintenance, city equipment, maintain the City buildings, park maintenance and all city lawn care.


The public works worker assists in maintaining records of the sewer and water systems and on the Public Works equipment.


The Maintenance Worker is required to be on call occasionally to respond to problems that occur after working hours per the schedule.


This position reports directly to the Public Works Director and Mayor.  The Maintenance Worker will maintain a verbal relationship with the Mayor and Council on the happenings of the City and carry out duties of Public Works Director when the Director is off duty.


This is a full-time and KPERS eligible position.






  • MAINTENANCE – Performs maintenance and repair on city vehicles and equipment.  Maintains city equipment shed, library park grounds and any of the City property.  Responds to work orders in the order of importance when received.


  • GROUNDS KEEPING–Assist in semi-skilled building and ground maintenance tasks, such as making minor repairs to office furniture, windows, rough carpentry, plumbing work, painting, and minor electrical repair work, carpentry task, operating lawn mowers, edger repairing irrigation equipment and trash maintenance of city property.   Maintains the grounds at the sewer lagoons, well houses, tower, and lift stations.  Mow and maintains all street rights-of-way and cleans culverts as needed for drainage.  Perform tree and brush trimming on City grounds and rights-of-ways.  Mows overgrown vacant lots as requested by the Zoning Administrator.


  • UTILITIES – Maintain water and sewer system operations, takes lab samples to meet state requirements and perform daily reports.  Monitors, repairs, all infrastructure being well houses, tower, chlorinators, chlorine analyzers, lift stations, and generators.  Performs monthly water meter readings, shut offs, and line locates.  Maintain storm sewer drains; monitor, and repair sewer lift stations.  Inspect all new sewer hook-ups and coordinate installation and hook up of all new water connections.  Maintains “high water” warning siren on 7th Street and Chicago.


  • STREETS – Assists in grading, patching, sanding, paving, sealing, deicing, snow removal and clearing streets and/or alley rights-of-way.  Assist in installing and repairing of street and traffic signs.  Perform street cleaning as assigned by the Public Works Director or Mayor.  Performs driveway and “Clean Street” inspections on new or refurbish driveway construction.


  • RECORDS KEEPING – Maintains daily records of the water and sewer systems.




  • High School Diploma or equivalent




  • Possess a valid Kansas driver’s license.
  • Possess a Class 1 wastewater operation certificate – preferred but not necessary
  • Possess a Class 1 water operation certificate – preferred but not necessary
  • Attend seminars and conference for safety, operations and other training as necessary as approved by the Council.
  • Mental and visual alertness and good health with the ability to perform hard labor.


Vacancy Number: CITY OF ANDALE

Open Date: 7/24/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: