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To apply for this vacancy Log In or Create an Account Since this is a public safety position, you will be required to submit extra information as part of the application process.

Employer: Reno County
Division: County Sheriff's Department
Job Title: Jail Deputy
Salary: $16.06 Hourly

Job Description:

Employer:    Reno County                                                                                         

Department:  Sheriff’s Department

Job Title:  Jail Deputy 

Salary:  $16.06 hourly

Job Number:  1218RN – Position Open Until Filled

Position Opened: 08/08/2018

Job Description:


Job Objectives:

Preservation of peace, control crime and enforce all state and federal laws and regulations.  Ensure safety of all persons and property within the Reno County jail.

Essential Job Functions:

Ensure safety and security of facility, maintain security rounds and logs, vigilant observation of medical and suicidal inmates and conduct and log daily inmate counts.  Control distribution and use of keys and tools.  Perform booking procedures for incoming/outgoing inmates, process inmates according to state statutes, maintain booking records and case jackets and record and secure inmate property.  Maintain inmate logs, paperwork, bonding, maintain inmate medication logs and medical screening documents and administer medications to inmates.  Deliver food to inmates, distribute and exchange inmate clothing, linens, towels and supplies.  Maintain inmate activity log, supervise vehicle use and maintenance, maintain inventory and order institutional supplies and compile and maintain administrative statistics.  Supervise trustee work activities, supervise personal and legal inmate visitations, respond to formal and informal inmate requests, respond to requests from attorneys, inmates’ families and friends and respond to requests and inquiries from the public.  Conduct ongoing in-service training; perform computer operation and training and routine cleaning and maintenance of facility.  Escort inmates to and from court, provide courtroom security, record inmate court appearances, process incoming and outgoing inmate mail, legal and personal, incoming and outgoing and respond to request from court personnel.

Job Standards:

Applicant must be 18 or older at time of hire with a high school diploma or GED, valid Kansas driver’s license, shall be a U.S. Citizen or Non-U.S. citizen that must be able to perform the work in or for the United States, and must be 21 years of age prior to attending KLETC.  Must be free of any felony or domestic violence convictions.  Jail Deputies may receive consideration for available Sheriff Patrol Deputy Positions.

Testing/Screening Requested:

IN ADDITION TO THE ENTRANCE EXAM, ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUCCESSFULLY PASS AN ORAL INTERVIEW, BACKGROUND CHECK, PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAM, DRUG SCREEN AND PHYSICAL CAPACITY PROFILE.  Shall be screened for a record of criminal activity and criminal history using a name-based record check before employment is offered or before job duties are assigned that might expose them to KCJIS-sensitive information.  Shall be screened for a record of criminal activity and criminal history using a fingerprint-based check within 30 days after initial employment or assignment and before unconditional employment is offered.


Operate all job related machinery, equipment, tools and other aids as required, necessary, or needed in the performance of the job functions.

Work Environment:

80% indoor and 20% outdoors.  High possibility of body fluid contamination via blood, saliva or urine.  Potential for violent physical confrontations with inmates.  Potential for injury from needles, razors or other sharp objects while shaking down inmates.  High level of stress and shifts are rotated on a regular basis.

This position may be filled or closed to further application without notice.

Reno County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Reno County is an at-will, equal opportunity employer.  Reno County provides Family Medical Leave (FMLA) benefits to eligible, covered employees.  Reno County considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, age (40+), disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected status under local, state or federal law.  Reno County is committed to making the application, interview, and pre-employment testing process accessible to persons with disabilities.  If you wish to volunteer information regarding any special assistance you may need, please notify Renee Harris, Reno County Human Resources by phone at (620-694-2988) or by email at renee.harris@renogov.org.  Applications must be submitted on www.hrepartners.com.  You will be contacted should the department feel that you are a qualified candidate.

Reno County prohibits employment of family members when such employment will create a situation where one person is in the direct chain of command and supervises, manages, or will be supervised or managed by another family member.  Family members are defined as spouses, biological parents, children and siblings, in-laws, grandparent, grandchildren, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, adoptive parents, children and siblings who share (or have shared) the same household, step-parents, step-children, and step-siblings who share (or have shared) the same household, or individuals with whom an employee has a close personal relationship such as domestic partners, cohabitants, and significant others.  Employees are expected to disclose relationships covered by this policy whenever they come into existence.

Vacancy Number: 1218RN

Open Date: 8/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: