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Supplemental Questions
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You will be required to answer these questions as part of the application process.
  1. Do you have a Bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition, or related science?
  2. Yes
  3. Do you have at least three years of experience in the field of nutrition/diabetes education, aging?
  4. Yes
  5. Are you a Certified Diabetes Education (CDE)?
  6. Yes
  7. Do you have a valid state of Kansas Driver's license?
  8. Yes
  9. You will be required to maintain a valid Kansas Driver’s License at all times. Will this be a problem for you?
  10. Yes
  11. Have you ever worked for Sedgwick County before? If so, when, what department, and under what name?
  12. Are you Bilingual?
  13. Yes
  14. Please list three professional references. (name, phone number, email address, and relationship to the applicant) with at least one being a current or former supervisor.
  15. Are you currently drawing money from a KPERS retirement benefit?
  16. Yes