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To apply for this vacancy Log In or Create an Account Since this is a public safety position, you will be required to submit extra information as part of the application process.

Employer: Geary County
Division: Sheriff
Job Title: POSSE
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

Job Description:

                Everything a Posse member does is completely at their own leisure with very minimal quarterly working/ training hour requirements. Posse members volunteer when they are able to, around their daily life schedule.  Support the Sheriff’s Department by volunteering your time by performing an array of duties. Posse members ride on patrol assisting patrol Deputies with various duties to include; traffic control, search and seizure, search and rescue, lake patrol operations, warrant details, response to critical incidents, community service events, amongst many other aspects of the department. Posse members support patrol, detention and clerical operations through proper training as well as being able to bring knowledge and experience from their own jobs to better assist the department and the community.


Job Objectives:

                Rides with Patrol Deputies, assisting the Deputy with enforcing law and protecting life and property. When directed by a Deputy, may secure prisoners, search for contraband and control accident scenes. Other functions may include call outs for critical incidents and search and rescue operations. Posse are able to bring their personal horses, ATV’s and other equipment to support these and other related duties.


Essential Job Functions:

                Ride with patrol Deputies on any of the shifts. Attend monthly meetings and training events to meet required quarterly hours requirements. Serve as a first responder to accident scene and critical incidents. Secure and protect crime scenes. Respond to calls for assistance from neighboring agencies. Maintain a working knowledge of all applicable Federal, State and local laws. Assist Deputies with the service of warrants and civil litigation. Maintain a clean serviceable uniform and when time and training allows, patrol vehicle. May be required to attend court. Assist Detectives in gathering of evidence, photographs and execution of search warrants. Drive patrol vehicles when directed to. Many more functions not listed.


Physical Requirements:

                There is no physical requirements to be a member of the Posse. However, must be able to meet certain requirements to perform specific duties. If desiring to ride on patrol or other related duties, must be able to meet physical requirements as outlined in department policy.


Job Standards:

                Must be at least 18 years of age. 21 years of age if wanting to be QAP (qualified armed Posse). Have a valid driver’s license. Reside in Geary County or any one of the adjoining counties. No Domestic Violence convictions, felony convictions and be within department policy for other convictions and drug use. Ability to work within the parameters of the values and mission of the department. Knowledge of the geography of the county. Ability to be courteous and fair to the public. Analyze and make quick, sound judgements. Can remember names, faces and places. Must be able to understand and follow written and oral commands. Able to react quickly and calmly in emergency conditions. Ability to recognize danger and dangerous situations and be able to make quick, sound judgements. Have no history or conduct that would render you unusable as a witness.



                Posse members are required to purchase their own equipment. The posse unit will supply one shirt. Some items can be used that is supplied by the department. As funding allows through donation, the Posse unit may supply members with certain equipment and uniforms. Equipment items may include, duty belt with pouches, handcuffs, gloves, pants, boots, jacket and if QAP, service weapon.


Work Environment:

                Ability to work outside in all-weather types. Volunteer various hours, day or night. Work in all conditions to include darkness, dirty or unfamiliar surroundings.


*This position has no closing date.

*Applicants must fill out same application and background packet as that of Deputy.

*Active duty military are encouraged to apply. Duties do not interfere with military functions. May need to seek chain of command approval.   

Vacancy Number: GESOPOSSE1272018

Open Date: 12/7/2018 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: