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Employer: Sedgwick County
Division: Sheriff Reserve
Job Title: Reserve Deputy
Salary: $0 

Job Description:



When assigned as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff: A Reserve Deputy may assist a Regular Deputy in their duties or become certified to perform the duties on their own. Those duties may be: Will patrol County areas, enforcing law and protecting life and property, operating radar, securing compliance with traffic regulations, and performing investigations at the scene of a crime or traffic accident, and performing related follow-up duties. Assists District Court Judges by protecting prisoners while in court, when out of the confines of the jail, and investigation and apprehension of persons charged by warrant or subpoena, as well as the service of civil process. High School Diploma or equivalent; completion of college level course work preferred. Valid Kansas Driver s License.

Major Job Responsibilities: Will patrol County routes, as well as, residential areas to provide a visible deterrent in uniform and in marked cars and to enforce traffic laws and protect life and property; identifies traffic hazards; monitors industrial, commercial, and residential areas for signs of any criminal activity; patrols for suspicious persons or vehicles. Detects drunk drivers and performs sobriety evaluation tests. Checks buildings to ensure they are secured. Responds to call for assistance and complaints of crimes; enforces state statutes by performing warrant, felony or misdemeanor arrests; directs traffic at crime scenes and assists stranded motorists. Serves as first responder to provide aid and assistance to victims of automobile injury accidents; assists Fire and Emergency Medical Services at the scene of traffic accidents. Secures and protects crime scenes by establishing boundaries, detaining suspects and witnesses, locating and identifying evidence and briefing supervisors/detectives on their arrival; performs traffic accident enforcement activities; interviews witnesses and collects, preserves, and packages evidence. Proceeds to special assignments, such as search and rescue, natural disasters, and public vehicle accidents as directed by supervisor. Investigates traffic, home, public and occupational accidents by recording measurements and diagrams, taking photographs and preparing reports concerning incidents. Inspects roadways, bridges, traffic signs, and signals routinely in order to find and report any hazardous conditions; herds cattle and livestock off of roadways. Maintains a working knowledge of traffic laws; enforces traffic laws through the issuance of traffic citations and warnings, and arresting individuals in violations of the law such as DUI, and speeding and traffic control device violations. Prepares and maintains a wide variety of department records and reports in compliance with departmental policies and procedures; prepares and files written and taped case reports outlining information regarding each case. Conducts search and rescue operations for missing and overdue persons, motorists, and aircraft; assist in manhunts for dangerous criminals. Serves criminal and traffic warrants on both felony and misdemeanor suspects; assists in guarding and transporting prisoners from the Detention Facility to the hospital during hours that the warrant/prisoner escort section is not in operation. Conducts club inspections to monitor illegal activities; contacts business owners and employees updating them on criminal activity and providing suggestions for crime prevention. Researches and studies departmental policies and procedures, Kansas Statutes, maps, construction and road closing to maintain awareness of current events and changes in law enforcement. Maintains and cleans assigned uniform, vehicle, and equipment and maintains personal hygiene in accordance to departmental policy and procedures. Maintains availability for court appearances and testimony, assists the District Attorney s Office in preparing presentation of testimony and/or evidence; responds to subpoenas by attending court trials and provides court testimonies as required; attends drivers license and mental health petition hearings. Assists other emergency response agencies and County services such as EMS and Fire in emergency situations, may also assist the coroner s office in the investigation of fatal accidents. Assists the Detective Section in gathering physical evidence, taking photographs and investigating various crime scenes; also assists in serving search warrants. Assists the U.S. Air Force Security Police in all cases dealing with civilians which occur on McConnell Air Force Base; assists other State and Local law enforcement agencies as needed. Serves as weather watchers reporting damage and assisting in the tracking of severe weather; checks for and assists stranded motorists. Performs other related work as required.

When assigned to Judicial Services: Researches and locates the defendants and serves them with civil process, i.e., Domestic Temporary Protection from Abuse Order, Domestic Papers, Paternity Papers, Civil Action Papers, Limited Action Papers; records all actions taken in accordance with departmental rules/regulations and local, State, and Federal laws. Enforces court orders in regards to child custody, enforces court ordered garnishments; prepares receipt of items levied. Escorts and guards prisoners in court proceedings; searches prisoners for contraband and maintains prisoner security in the courtrooms and take persons into custody at the request of the Judge; escorts same to the Detention Facility for processing; transports prisoners to doctor appointments, other facilities, State correctional facilities and State hospitals. Maintains records and lists of people who are in custody and have court appearances, their location and where they are needed; assigns Deputies to escort them to court. Executes evictions physically by removing tenants, inventorying property left on the premises, completing the writ of restitution, insuring landlord is in peaceful possession of premises; completes and returns required paperwork to the Clerk s Office. Answers questions from Attorneys, defendants, and plaintiffs both by phone and in person concerning departmental procedures and State laws pertaining to eviction proceedings. Receives, clocks, and prepares all mental, alcoholic, and drug abuse petitions for services; coordinates with State Courts, judges, attorneys, hospitals, mental health facilities, law enforcement agencies, and family members for successful completion and commitment of deranged, alcoholic, and drug dependent individuals. Proceeds into the community to take mentally or emotionally impaired persons, alcoholic, and drug dependent individuals into custody and transports them to the appropriate facility; completes and returns with orders of service to the Clerk and Probate Court; assists in the formation of procedures between the department and various facilities for the completion of court orders. Receives and documents all repossession orders; coordinates all executions with plaintiffs as to scheduling and physical repossession of property; repossesses property; takes whatever legal action is necessary against the defendant to complete the repossession; documents and returns all paperwork as required. Supervises and trains subordinates assigned to the Squad regarding applicable policies, procedures and State laws. Assists Warrant Deputies in taking felony violators into custody and transporting them to the Detention Facility. Assists the fugitive/extradition office in coordinating with other out-of-state agencies; updates the computer on fugitive status. Attends a minimum of 40 hours in-service training annually as required for certification to include weapons qualification every three (3) months. Assumes additional duties in the absence of the Warrant Clerk or Second Watch Deputy.

When assigned to Out-of-State Extradicitions: Obtain fugitive warrants, governors warrants, sends teletypes, letters, mugs and prints to outside agencies and ensures that detainers are filed with other states on persons in their custody on Sedgwick County warrants. Fax information and orders airline tickets for Deputies to transport prisoners back to Kansas from other states; obtains money from the County for out-of-state trips. Types letters, detainer, waivers, and other important documents to be mailed out-of-state; operates a computer and enters information pertinent to arrest made out-of-state. Coordinates with the District Attorney s Office and Judges regarding persons booked out-of-state on which Sedgwick County has a warrant. When assigned to Crime Liasion or Community Policing Unit: Assists other in presenting safety programs to elementary students; teaches child safety programs; coordinates parades; fingerprints children, or other programs as needed. Maintains schedule of all events of the Unit; notifies other employees of their assigned participation in scheduled programs. May portray the department mascot at various functions and events within the community at parades, hospitals, schools, town fairs, and baseball games. Maintains schedule of community events Organizes and participates in annual Law Camp; may secure donations of food and supplies.

When assigned as Recruit Deputy: Attends classes and records notes on the highlights of the instruction; organizes notes for study and demonstrates proficiency on written examinations. Attends instruction and practices in the skill of shooting semi-automatic handgun and shotguns; demonstrates proficiency on a qualification range. Attends instruction and demonstrates proficiency during self-defense training to include pressure point control tactics and ASP baton training. Performs physical training emphasizing cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and physical strength. Critiques instructors. Maintain current working knowledge of court decisions concerning search and seizure relating to canine deployments. Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies: Knowledge of sound methods and practices employed in location and apprehension of people. Knowledge of laws and legal procedures relevant to the apprehension and custody of prisoners. Knowledge of data entry procedures. Knowledge of the principles of traffic control. Knowledge of the geography of the County and the location of important buildings and areas. Knowledge of the principles of traffic accident investigation. Ability to learn law enforcement methods, procedures, and techniques and to apply such knowledge to specific situations. Ability to deal courteously and fairly with the general public. Ability to analyze situations and to take quick, effective and reasonable courses of action, giving due regard to the surrounding hazards and circumstances of each situation. Ability to remember names, faces, and the details of incidents. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. Ability to obtain information through interviews, interrogation, and observation. Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency conditions. Ability to display sound judgement in making work decisions. Ability to work under adverse conditions of violence, danger, weather, environment, and emotional stress. Ability to recognize danger and take immediate action necessary for the protection of life and property. Ability to understand and operate two-way communication equipment and dispatch for fire, ambulance, and public utilities. Ability to pass strength and agility tests necessary to perform effectively on the job. Ability to acquire and maintain the State of Kansas Law Enforcement Certification. Ability to acquire the Doppler Radar Operation and KDHE Breath Testing Certification. Knowledge of hazardous materials and their handling. Skill in the use of personal computer and software applications. Knowledge of mental illness. This class specification should not be interpreted as all-inclusive. It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification. May work 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts. Weekends and/or holidays too.

Valid Kansas Drivers License Required. Must meet Driver Qualification standards as set forth in Sedgwick County's Fleet Vehicle Operation and Usage policy (R#225-1999).  Must pass background checks and pre-employment urine drug screen.

Vacancy Number: SCRD010119

Open Date: 1/1/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 12/31/2019 11:59:59 PM