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Employer: City of Argonia
Division: City Maintenance
Job Title: Maintenance Worker
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:





Under the supervision of the City Council, this position is applicable to FLSA and ADA. This employee is responsible for monitoring the operation, maintenance and repair of the City operation (cemetery, airport, streets, parks, water system, wastewater system and natural gas system); meter reading, maintenance of City equipment. This employee should possess a strong mechanical aptitude and effective public relations and communication skills. This employee shall earn and maintain state certifications as listed at time of employment.



  • Checks all City utilities as the first order of business daily;
  • Operates and maintains plant facilities, distribution and collection systems of City utilities;
  • Opens and closes graves in the cemetery;
  • Maintains chlorine equipment;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of City streets and curbs;
  • Maintenance of street signs and crosswalks;
  • Spray grass and trees in downtown sidewalks, parks and other City property;
  • Maintenance of park equipment and facilities, mow parks, remove trash from park, waters trees and flowers
  • Install and repair water, sewer and gas lines, and maintains fire hydrants;
  • Operates and maintains water systems as per state regulations;
  • Reads water and gas meters and reports readings;
  • Monitors cross connection control programs;
  • Checks and maintains lift station and sewer ponds;
  • Assists with festival preparations for the City;
  • Snow removal at emergency buildings, City buildings and streets;
  • Earns and maintains all KDHE certifications as required by the City government;
  • Performs tests as required on all utilities;
  • Keeps City Clerk informed of all activities and problems with utilities, etc.;
  • Maintains all City maps-water, gas, sewer, cemetery
  • Follows all safety procedures;
  • Follows all City policies and procedures;
  • Performs work orders by City Clerk in an efficient and expeditious manner;
  • Public image-Always represents the City and its employees in a positive manner-both in dress and behavior;
  • Cooperates with City Clerk in developing long range plans for all City operations;
  • Enforces all City ordinances, policies and procedures;
  • Reports all violations of City ordinances (weeds, trash, dead cars, buildings, etc.) to the City Clerk
  • Personally abide by all City ordinances where applicable
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the City Clerk and/or the Mayor/City Council.



  • Performs inspections; assists plumbers and contractors; keeps an accurate inventory; cooperates with other City employees; performs other duties as deemed necessary and/or assigned by the City Clerk.



EXPERIENCE: This position requires a minimum of equipment maintenance or construction experience. The employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well after one year in the position.


EDUCATION: A High School diploma or GED is required. After one year of experience the employee is required to get a Class I or higher Water & Wastewater Certification, Pipeline Safety (gas) certification, Chlorine Safety and Chlorination training, Backflow Prevention training and Confined Areas Certification.


SKILL: Knowledge of chemical usage and equipment maintenance and repairs. The ability to operate a tractor, backhoe, mowers and hand tools. Employee must possess the ability to understand and interpret oral and written instructions.


PROBLEM SOLVING: Problem solving exists in this position. Problems may include but are not limited to equipment failures.


DECISION MAKING: Some decision making is required in this position. Employee must be able to make decisions regarding safety while providing efficient service.


FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Employee is responsible for departmental vehicles and equipment but does not participate in the departmental annual budget process.


PERSONAL RELATIONS: Daily contact with the general public and co-workers is expected. Employee must maintain good relations with the public and other employees.


WORKING CONDITIONS: Employee must take and pass drug and alcohol testing before starting the first day of work and take random drug and alcohol testing. Some adverse working conditions exist with this position. Use of large machinery and exposure to adverse weather conditions, blood borne pathogens, hazardous chemicals, confined area and excessive noise is to be expected.


Vacancy Number: 010119

Open Date: 12/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
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