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Employer: Lincoln County
Division: Ambulance
Job Title: Ambulance Director
Salary: $0 

Job Description:

EMS Director


Lincoln County                                                                                                   Ambulance Service




Under the administrative supervision of the Lincoln Board of County Commissioners, the EMS Services Director is a non-exempt position under the FLSA. This employee is responsible for the administrative and supervisory responsibilities for the coordination and supervision of the department. The employee in this position schedules and trains personnel in emergency medical procedures and oversees the smooth operation of the department. The EMS Director works with various health, fire, & law enforcement agencies in providing continuing education and public relations for emergency medical services. This employee supervises the staffing and training of full-time and part-time employees, as well as volunteers.



  • Responsible for interviewing, hiring, orientation, training, supervising, evaluating, and termination of employees;
  • Exercises general supervision over department personnel;
  • Develops long and short-term goals for the department;
  • Prepares and administers department budget;
  • Controls department activities at major incidents;
  • Provides crisis intervention assistance to department personnel as deemed necessary;
  • Coordinates department activities with local agencies;
  • Supervises and coordinates vehicle, equipment and supplies in Lincoln and Sylvan Grove;
  • Assigns tasks, establishes monthly work schedule and monitors work quality of department personnel;
  • Assists in patient billing;
  • Responsible for reviewing patient run reports and performing quality assurance;
  • Oversees maintenance and janitorial services of the Emergency Services Facility and ambulance units;
  • Assumes duties as a scheduled member of the ambulance crew once per week, or on an as needed basis.



  • Develops and implements new department policies as required by Federal, State and County agencies;
  • Provides follow-up to citizen’s inquiries in a timely manner;
  • Recommends purchases of equipment to the Board of County Commissioners;
  • Purchases supplies and equipment as necessary;
  • Attends and works with various committees and meetings as needed;
  • Provides the Board of Commissioners with monthly update on department activities;
  • Oversees continuing education and re-certification of department personnel;
  • Assists with Public Health Emergency Preparedness as assigned;
  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or as assigned.




EMS Director

Position Requirements

Lincoln County                                                                                                   Ambulance Service


EXPERIENCE:          Three years of Emergency Medical Technician experience is required. Employee is expected to have necessary information and skills to perform the job well within six months of employment.


EDUCATION:           A technical degree or some post-secondary education is preferred. Employee must have current Kansas EMTA certification and a valid Kansas Driver’s license. Continuing education is required.


TECHNICAL SKILLS:         Thorough knowledge of patient assessment skills, medical terminology, radio communications, knowledge of safety procedures, emergency driving and the application of mechanical care equipment is required. Thorough knowledge of cardiac monitor, defibrillator, IV therapy, advanced airway skills and drug administration is required. The ability to operate an IV pump, radio equipment, calculator, photocopier, and identify potential department equipment mechanical problems is required.


PROBLEM SOLVING:         Problem solving is involved in this position. Problems this employee may encounter include dealing with employee issues, personnel management and job scheduling, establishing priorities for projects, patient treatment plans in emergencies, equipment malfunctions and office versus service time requirements.


DECISION MAKING:          Decision making is involved in this position. Decisions this employee may encounter include the appropriate supplies to be ordered, budget allocations, employee discipline, command decisions in crises situation, and educational direction for the department.


SUPERVISION:        This position is subject to supervision by the Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners. Employee provides supervision over subordinate personnel.


FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY:     Employee has direct control over department resources, and confers with the Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners in the annual budget process.


PERSONAL RELATIONS:  Continual contact with public, co-workers, supervisory personnel and elected or appointed officials is required.


WORKING CONDITIONS:  Adverse working conditions exist within this position. Exposure to small machinery, human blood and body fluids, hazardous chemicals, explosives, asbestos, radiation, excessive noise, confined areas, and all types of weather conditions is expected.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:       Work Level: Level 3, Medium Work. Applicant must attain a 2.5 score or above on their Physical Capacity Profile. Manual labor including heavy lifting and carrying is required to perform this position. Examples include, but not limited to: lifting equipment and moving/loading ambulance cot weighing in excess of 50 lbs. Every effort will be made to have lift assist available.


ATTENDANCE:        Employees must be at their job performing essential duties on a regular and continuing basis with no excessive absences.

Vacancy Number: 2019-01

Open Date: 2/4/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 4/26/2019 11:59:59 PM