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Employer: Marion County
Job Title: Corrections Officer
Salary: $0 

Job Description:



Department:     Sheriff’s Office

Reports To:      Jail Administrator/Undersheriff


Position Summary

                Under the direct supervision of the Jail Administrator and Undersheriff, the Corrections Officer/Process Server/Transport Officer is a non-exempt position under the FLSA.  The employee in this position performs functions related to the safety, security and humane care of the jail facility and its inmates.  The Corrections Officer/Process Server/Transport Officer will understand jail standards codified for Kansas jails by the Kansas Department of Corrections, KJA and courtroom security codified by the National Sheriff’s Association.  The employee in this position will also locate persons and businesses and serve civil papers in the time and manner as prescribed by law.  Work will be performed in accordance with established policies, rules, regulations and practices of the Sheriff’s office.

Essential Functions

  • Performs jail inspections for safety and security of equipment and security mechanisms;
  • Monitors inmates for compliance with jail rules and for the inmate’s personal welfare;
  • Supervises inmates cleaning of facility;
  • Supervises inmate laundry operations;
  • Supervises inmate meal preparations;
  • Performs laundry cleaning for the jail as needed;
  • Performs meal prep for the jail as needed;
  • Cleans jail booking and control area daily;
  • Cleans facility as needed;
  • Operate electronic fingerprint system;
  • Physically perform hourly jail checks for safety and security of inmates and the facility;
  • Ensures inmates are at court at their appointed times;
  • Transport inmates to/or from this facility to another as required;
  • Perform random jail searches for contraband;
  • Perform inmate searches as they are processed into this facility;
  • Maintain jail vehicles in a clean and operational ready condition;
  • Coordinates delivery of food, laundry and hygiene standards to inmates;
  • Operates and maintains law enforcement equipment, including patrol vehicles, firearms, and communication equipment;
  • Dispenses commissary needs;
  • Dispense medical prescriptions to inmates per Dr. Guidelines;
  • Keep accurate and up to dare medical records of all inmates;
  • Dispense phone cards to inmates and monitor their usage;
  • Complete concealed Carry fingerprint packages for submission to the state;
  • Obtain DNA samples of inmates as required;
  • Maintain commissary accounts for inmates and complete the process of obtaining commissary orders;
  • Coordinate unforeseen inmate needs to Jail Administrator;
  • Check all inmate incoming and outgoing mail for contraband or illegal activities;
  • Complete all required reports for submission in a timely manner;
  • Initiate use of the restraint chair and ensure guidelines of use are followed;
  • Supervise work release/detail inmates in their daily activities;
  • Must be able to make quick and sound decisions concerning safety of inmates, other staff and themselves;
  • Ensure required information is complete and accurate in all inmate files;
  • Meets the public at the detention center and supervises visiting hours;
  • Monitors medical status of prisoners;
  • Dispenses medications and notifies physician of medical needs;
  • Maintains inspection logs;
  • Records all activities of inmates, including phone call and medical needs;
  • Performs courtroom security;
  • Escorts prisoners between buildings and floors within buildings;
  • Provide written reports to oncoming staff as required to relay any pertinent information of recent events in the facility or needed attention;
  • Classifies, processes and restrains inmates;
  • Possess a thorough knowledge of booking and bonding procedures;
  • Be knowledgeable in state statutes;
  • Operates complex electronic jail operating system;
  • Performs cell block searches;
  • Maintains the jail in good clean order;
  • Carries chemicals, supplies and cleaning agents;
  • locates persons and businesses to serve civil papers;
  • Operates a vehicle to serve papers;
  • Transports inmates to and from other facilities;

Marginal Functions

  • Assist dispatch when required;
  • Conducts jail tours;
  • Other related duties as deemed necessary or as assigned.

Minimum Position Requirements

Experience:  Employee must be at least 18 years of age.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well after six months in the position.

Education:  High school diploma or GED.  Completion of a Correctional Officers Certification Course within one year of employment.

Skills:  Thorough knowledge of jail security procedures, inmate rights and courtroom security.  The ability to process and classify inmates based on correction standards.  The ability to deal with inmate problems on a daily basis.  Thorough knowledge of crisis intervention.  Thorough knowledge of inmate escort security and application of restraints.  Thorough knowledge of fingerprinting techniques.  Thorough knowledge of jail booking procedures and officer safety. Thorough knowledge of court procedures with inmates. The ability to read, interpret and follow instructions and state statutes.  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  The ability to make quick decisions under adverse circumstances.  Knowledge of cleaning and disinfecting solvents required for sanitation.  The ability to make accurate judgements on sick slips and other prisoner requests.  The ability to read and understand maps to locate addresses and the ability to understand rural addressing system.  The ability to read and comprehend legal structure of civil papers.  The ability to operate firearms, patrol vehicles, two-way radios, and other related law enforcement equipment. The ability to operate a computer.  Requires a valid Kansas driver’s license.

Problem Solving:  Frequent problem solving exists in this position.  Problems involve dealing with inmate behavior, handling citizen complaints and inquiries under crisis situations.

Decision Making:  Frequent decision making exists in this position.  Decisions include inmate movement and control in the jail, transport and in the courtroom.  Civil process decisions in manner of service and making service and when respondents attempt to avoid service.

Accountability:  Employee is responsible for county equipment but is not responsible for budgetary control of the department and does not participate in the annual departmental budget process.  Employee must clear  III/FBI record background check before employment and then annually.

Supervision:  Supervision from the Jail Administrator and Undersheriff is provided and job related decisions are reviewed.  Employee limited supervisory responsibility over subordinate personnel.

Personal Relations:  Frequent contact with other county departments and the general public.

Working Conditions:  Adverse working conditions exist in relation to handling combative inmates.  Exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

Physical Requirements:  Heavy physical effort may be required when dealing with prisoners.  The ability to climb flights of stairs, apply security restraints and carry fifty pounds for fifty feet.  The ability to open and shut steel doors.  The ability to express or exchange ideas by means of verbal communication, conveying and receiving detailed or important verbal instructions to and from other workers, inmates and the general public.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.




Vacancy Number: mnco19

Open Date: 2/5/2019 12:00:00 AM
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