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Employer: City of McPherson
Division: Fire Department
Job Title: Deputy Fire Chief
Salary: $32.45 Hourly

Job Description:

The Salary Range for this position is $32.45/hr to $37.35/h


POSITION SUMMARY                                                                                                                               

Under the supervision of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chief is an exempt position under FLSA.  Protecting the lives and property of the citizens of McPherson is the primary goal of this position.  This employee supervises and assumes command of subordinate personnel at emergency activities, including fire suppression, rescue, and hazardous materials responses.  This employee assists the Fire Chief in the daily management of the fire department.  This employee directly supervises the Captains, and in their absence is responsible for their assignments getting done.  This employee should be able to remain poised and make critical decisions under difficult and hazardous circumstances. This employee should possess excellent communication, supervisory, organizational, and public relation skills; as well as a thorough knowledge of ICS. This employee assumes the role of Fire Chief in his absence.


*  Assists the Fire Chief with the planning, organization, and work load of the fire department

*   Manages day to day operations of the department

*  Supervises emergency activities and assumes command in the absence of the Fire Chief

*  Responds to large and serious emergencies


FLSA:                         EXEMPT

ADA:                     APPLICABLE

FMLA:                       ELIGIBLE













*  Supervises public education programs

*  Schedules, supervises, and evaluates subordinate personnel

*  Oversees the planning and implementation of city inspections

*  Attends department meetings

*  Assists the Fire Chief with long-range planning and budget

*  Provides quality control for fire and maintenance reports

*  See that plan review for all new construction is done

*  May investigate cause and origin of all fires

*  May perform arson investigations

*  Performs general public relations work

*  Supervises the maintenance of department equipment and apparatus

*  Fields questions, concerns, and complaints from the general public

*  Enforces department policies and procedures

*  Enforces safety procedures and practices

*   Must be able to provide credible testimony in any court proceedings

*   Performs the Fire Marshal Function


*  Performs other duties as deemed necessary


Experience: A minimum of ten years of firefighting experience, with a minimum of four years of supervisory firefighting experience is required.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within one year of employment. Must be able to be a certified fire investigator within 2 years.

Education: A high school diploma or GED is required, and a technical degree or some college credit in Fire Science including an Associate’s Degree is preferred.  This employee must possess certifications as an Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter I and II, Hazardous Materials Operations, and Instructor I.  A valid Kansas Driver’s License (K.D.L.) is required.  ICS 100,200,300,400,700, and 800. 

Technical Skills: A thorough knowledge of fire suppression techniques, rescue activities, medical treatment, safe handling of hazardous materials releases and disaster management is required.  The ability to operate all equipment related to the previous activities is required.  The ability to operate office equipment is also required.  This employee must be able to understand and anticipate problems, to prepare reports, to follow and enforce department policies and procedures, and to read and interpret written instructions, maps, manuals, and instructional materials.  This employee should possess excellent public relation, supervisory, organizational, oral, and written communication skills.

Problem Solving: Independent problem solving is involved in this position.  This employee encounters problems with personnel issues, fire suppression and other emergencies, and scheduling conflicts.

Decision Making: Independent decision making is involved in this position.  This employee makes critical decisions concerning the life safety of firefighters and the citizens of McPherson. This employee makes decisions on a daily basis about resolving personnel issues, coordinating department activities, and enforcing department policies and procedures.

Supervision:  This employee works with occasional supervision from the Fire Chief.  This employee exercises frequent supervision over subordinate personnel.

Financial Accountability: This employee is responsible for city resources and equipment.  This employee does participate in the annual budget process.

Personal Relations: This employee has daily contact with the general public, and at times deals with the public in extremely tense and stressful situations.  The Deputy Fire Chief interacts with co-workers and subordinates in a non-traditional work place.  Daily interaction with supervisors is expected.

Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions exist within this position.  Exposure to extremes of heat and cold are expected.  This employee is also exposed to structural collapses, contact with hazardous materials, explosives, asbestos, and radiation, work from heights and in confined spaces, and work around heavy machinery.  This position contains a significant risk to personal safety.  Exposure to blood borne pathogens while responding to and providing emergency medical treatment can be expected.

Physical Requirements: The Deputy Fire Chief must be in excellent physical condition.  The type and amount of personal protective clothing required to perform the duties of the Deputy Fire Chief along with the working conditions listed above creates a significant increase in physical stress to the well being of the employee.  Manual labor including heavy lifting, pulling, and carrying heavy objects and equipment is expected.  Climbing is a significant aspect of the job.  Decisions made during critical moments at emergencies increases mental stress.

Residence requirements: Live within McPherson city limits and maintain an active cell phone, stipend will be provided.

Vacancy Number: Mcp 19-04

Open Date: 3/26/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: 5/3/2019 11:59:59 PM