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Franklin County

Franklin County


Franklin County is one of the 33 original Kansas counties created by the first Territorial Legislature of 1855.  The county was named after Benjamin Franklin, a great American, and is rich in Indian lore, which dates back centuries before Kansas became a territory.  The area was included in a treaty ceding land to the Great and Little Osage Indians in 1808, and ceded back to the federal government in 1825.  After 1825 and prior to 1867, treaties with various Indian tribes set off parts of what was later to become Franklin County for their use.


Franklin County is located approximately 45 miles south of the Kansas City area on Interstate 35 in the heart of the rich Marais des Cygnes River Valley and covers 576 square miles.  State Highways 33, 68 and US 59 Highway also run through Franklin County.  Ottawa is the County Seat, it is a small but growing community of around 12,000 and has approximately one-half of the entire county population.  Ottawa is conveniently located, and within an hour’s drive from many larger cites and major metropolitan areas such as Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City and Emporia.


Thank you for your interest and inquiring about employment opportunities with Franklin County.  Franklin County employs approximately 230 men and women in varied fields, including: clerical/office, law enforcement deputies, correction officers, 911 dispatchers, ambulance, public works (truck drivers, laborers, sprayers, mowers, and mechanics), health nurses, information technology and van drivers for the elderly.

All regular full-time employees are eligible to receive benefits and certain part-time employees may be eligible to receive certain benefits on a pro-rated basis.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Regular full-time and regular part-time employees may enroll in health, dental and vision insurance plans offered through the KHPA for non state groups.  Specifics about the plans may be found at the following website: http://www.kdheks.gov/hcf/sehp/NSEGroup.htm 

The effective date of coverage is the first day of the calendar month following initial employment, but at least thirty (30) days following initial employment.  Employees who decline or who fail to enroll dependents during their initial opportunity period, must wait for a qualifying event (open enrollment, marriage, birth or adoption) to enroll and the employee shares in the cost of the premiums, which is deducted from the paycheck.  Franklin County participates in a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan for health insurance that allows employees’ costs of the benefits to be paid from salary before taxes.  This results in increased purchasing power due to decreased taxes.

Employees who retire prior to to eligibility for Medicare & Social Security may qualify to continue group health care coverage for themselves and dependents provided they meet the guidelines established by the KHPA.  Premiums are paid directly to the KHPA.

Life Insurance

By virtue of participation in KPERS, employees are provided with life insurance coverage.  All employees covered by KPERS are insured at a percentage of their current annual salary as determined and computed by the KPERS Board of Trustees.  In addition, employees may be covered by group term life insurance at no cost to the employee.

Voluntary Benefits

Franklin County employees may also participate in other voluntary benefit programs, which are paid by the employee through payroll deduction.  Wellness memberships (fitness center), ING Deferred Comp., Pre-Paid Legal, Reliance Standard Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Midwest Credit Union, AFLAC, AFLAC-Plan 125 and United Way.

Flexible Benefit Plan (Tax Qualified 125 Plan)

Once each year all regular full-time employees will be given an opportunity to enroll in a voluntary plan designed to save employees taxes on group health and dental insurance premiums and other tax qualified 125 plans offered by Franklin County. Enrollment selections cannot be changed during the year unless there is a qualifying reason acceptable to Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Retirement System

All eligible employees, except law enforcement officers and ambulance personnel, are covered by the Kansas Public Employee’s Retirement System (KPERS) (subject to membership rules of the system) and are required to enroll on their hire date.  All eligible law enforcement officers and ambulance personnel are covered by the Kansas Law enforcement and Firemen’s Retirement System (KP&F) (subject to membership rules of the system) and are required to enroll on their hire date.

Vacation Leave

Regular full-time employees are credited as follows: beginning at the end of the first full month worked the employee will accumulate 8 hours a month through completion of 5 years.  In years six through ten,10 hours per month; years eleven onward,14 hours per month.

Regular full-time Ambulance employees (24 hour shifts) are credited as follows: beginning at the end of the first full month worked the employee will accumulate 12 hours a month through the completion of 5 years.  Six years through ten years,14 hour per month; eleven years onward,18 hours per month.

Regular part-time employees will receive vacation and sick leave credit at the rate of ½ of the accrual rate of regular full-time employees.

Sick Leave

Regular full-time employees will receive sick leave credit at the rate of eight (8) hours per month, except for Ambulance department 24 hour personnel who will accrue twelve (12) hours per month. Sheriff's Deputies who work road patrol will earn sick leave at a rate of ten (10) hours per month.

Regular part-time employees will receive sick leave credit at the rate of four (4) hours per month.

Sick leave will start accruing after 30 days of employment.

Personal Leave

All Regular full-time employees will receive one paid personal leave day provided they are employed on the first day of the year and have successfully completed the initial employment period.

Funeral Leave

Up to three (3) days paid leave of an immediate family member.

Family Medical Leave

May be granted to an employee according to the conditions provided in the Family Medical Leave Act.


Official holidays are designated and approved by the Board of County Commissioners prior to January 1 of each year.

Pay Periods

All non-exempt Franklin County employees will be paid on the last working day of the month for time worked from the 21st of the previous month through the 20th of the current month.  Exempt employees are compensated on the last working day of the month for work performed from the first through the last day of the month.    Employees have the option to have their pay directly deposited in the financial institution of their choice or to have their check mailed.


It is the policy of Franklin County not to discriminate against a person because of his/her political or religious opinion or affiliation, race, color, sex, national origin or ancestry, physical disability, age or status as a veteran in all aspects of its personnel policies, programs, practices and operations.  This applies to all employees and includes recruitment, hiring, placement, promotions, discipline, termination, rates of pay and other forms of compensation.  The Sheriff and his deputies must be US citizens.  Franklin County will make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons in compliance with federal regulations.  Requests for reasonable accommodations shall be made to the Personnel Officer.


None of the above statements nor any representations made by a Franklin County Official create any employment contract between you and Franklin County for employment or for the provision of any benefit.  Your employment with Franklin County is “at-will” employment.  The County retains the right to end your employment for any reason at any time.  Terms conditions and benefits of employment are subject to change.  All job descriptions do not constitute an employment agreement and are subject to change as the County needs and requirements of the job change.  In addition to having the required qualifications and abilities to perform the essential functions of a position, applicants must pass thorough background checks of references, criminal records, employment and education.  All positions require post offer drug screen, driver’s license check and physical assessment.  Unsatisfactory results of the background check or post-offer assessments will result in a withdrawal of any employment offer or termination of employment.

Introductory Period

All newly hired employees will serve a six (6) month introductory period of which the supervisor has the authority to extend an addtional 3-6 months.

Nepotism Policy

Franklin County will not hire two or more members of the same family if it would result in one family member supervising the other.


Franklin County Human Resources
1428 S. Main, Suite 2
Ottawa, Kansas  66067
(785) 229-3444
(785) 229-3449 (fax)