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Supplemental Questions
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You will be required to answer these questions as part of the application process.
  1. Do you have a High School diploma or equivalent? (A High School diploma is required).
  2. Yes
  3. What is your highest level of education?
  4. None
    High School Diploma or equivalency
    Less than 60 hours of college credit
    Associate's Degree
    Greater than 60 hours of college credit
    Bachelor's Degree or higher
  5. If you have a degree, please provide the degree type and describe it or put "none" if you do not.
  6. Which best describes your grounds and landscape maintenance experience?
  7. I have no experience
    I have less than one year of experience
    I have one to three years of experience
    I have more than three years of experience
  8. Do you currently have a valid Kansas driver's license and a good driving record?
  9. Yes
    No (If no explain in the following question)
  10. If you answered "no" to above question, please explain. If "yes", put "not applicable"
  11. Do you currently have a CDL, if yes, what class and endorsements? If no, please put N/A.
  12. Briefly describe the heavy equipment you have experience in operating. If none, please put N/A.
  13. Which best describes your experience operating heavy equipment?
  14. I have no experience.
    I have less than one year of experience.
    I have between one and three years of experience.
    I have more than three years of experience.
  15. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
  16. Yes
  17. If the answer to question above was "yes" please explain. If "no", use N/A.
  18. Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic citation?
  19. Yes
  20. If the answer to question 12 above was "yes", please explain and provide the date of conviction(s). If "no" use N/A.
  21. Which of the following best describes your work ethic.
  22. I work only when provided specific duties.
    If I finish a job, I will ask my supervisor for more work.
    If I finish a job, I will find other work to do.
  23. Which of the following best describes your preferred interaction with co-workers.
  24. I prefer as little interaction with co-workers as possible.
    I prefer to work as a team as much as possible (I would rather not work alone)
    I prefer a mix of both working alone and working as a team.
  25. How would you handle a situation when you have a specific deadline to accomplish a task, but your supervisor wants you to do something else that will prevent you from finishing the other task on time? Provide details in regards to the process that you use to make your decision on what to say and/or do.
  26. Describe a situation where you had a disagreement with a supervisor and how you resolved the situation.
  27. Have you ever been terminated from a job or received disciplinary action?
  28. Yes
  29. If you answered "yes" to the question above, please explain. If "no", put "N/A".
  30. Are you related to anyone that currently works for the City of Derby? If yes, please list their name. If no, put N/A.
  31. How did you find out about this position?(HRePartners.com, Indeed.com, etc)
  32. If a current City of Derby employee told you about this position please put their name here. If you found out about this position from another source, indicate how you heard about this position. If neither applies, put NA.
  33. Briefly describe why we should select you over another candidate for this position?