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Employer: Marion County
Job Title: AEMT
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:



Rev 06-16

Department:  Emergency Medical Services

Reports To:   Emergency Medical Service Director

Position Summary

                Under the supervision of the Emergency Medical Service Director, the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician is a non-exempt position under the FLSA. The employee in this position must be able to deliver Basic Life Support procedures. This position is responsible for being proficient in providing basic emergency medical care to the victim(s), and take action to prevent unnecessary patient suffering or injury. The employee in this position may perform all functions found under the heading of EMR and EMT. The employee in this position also needs to have a good basic knowledge of state and federal regulations and requirements for ambulance services and personnel, as well as knowledge of current HIPAA requirements.

Essential Functions

  • Utilize continuous positive airway pressure devices;
  • Advanced airway management;
  • Transportation of a patient with a capped arterial line;
  • Initiation of intraosseous infusion;
  • Nebulized therapy;
  • Manual defibrillation and cardioversion;
  • Cardiac monitoring;
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) interpretation;
  • Maintain IV electrolytes/antibiotic additives via IV pump during inter-facility transfers;
  • Monitor, maintain, and shut off IV fluids without medications or nutrients via IV gravity or IV pump, as per protocol;
  • Administration of medication by the following routes (as per protocol) includes nebulizer, intravenously, subcutaneous, intraosseously, intramuscularly, and sublingually;
  • Initiation of intravenous catheter;

Marginal Functions

  • Monitors service and personnel for compliance with state and federal regulations;
  • Maintains patient confidentiality – responsible for keeping all medical records confidential;
  • Familiar with HIPAA Privacy Act for Patients and crew members
  • Other related duties as deemed necessary or as assigned;

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (A-EMT)

Emergency Medical Services Department

Minimum Position Requirements


Education:   A-EMT certified

Skills:  Knowledge of EMS equipment.  Good working knowledge of medical terminology.  Good communication skills. The ability to receive, understand, carry out, and communicate oral and written instructions.  The ability to read maps and drive an emergency vehicle to site locations.  Needs basic knowledge of state and federal regulations and requirements for ambulance services and personnel.  Willingness to do what is reasonably necessary to keep a unit/crew in operation.  Requires a valid Kansas driver’s license.  Knowledge of HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy and billing.  Ability to deal with public. Must be self-motivated; be able to be spontaneous, versatile, and able to work independently.

Problem Solving: Day to day problem solving exists in this position.  Problems include dealing with public and unforeseen vehicle emergencies.  Must be willing to do what is necessary to keep all units in service.  Must have an idea of what the Director would want done in a situation and be willing to take the necessary action should the need arise.  Occasional after hours’ time is necessary to do this.

Decision-Making: Day to day decision making exists in this position.



Personal Relations: Continual contact with other county departments, the general public, and ambulance crew members.

Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions other than stress exist in this position.  Keeping state and federal regulations, various required licenses, and preventing as much down time as possible are main stress factors.  Dealing with unforeseen situations needing immediate attention can also be stressful.

Physical Requirements:    Lifting and handling required. 


Vacancy Number: MNCO28

Open Date: 7/11/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: