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Employer: City of Liberal
Job Title: Police Officer
Salary: $0 

Job Description:



The fundamental reason this classification exists is to perform general duty police work in the protection of life and property through crime prevention and the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Employees within this class are distinguished from the Police Recruit by the full range of duties performed in routine patrol, law enforcement, preliminary investigations and traffic control for a designated area on an assigned shift. A Police Officer's duties range from periods of physical inactivity to situations requiring extreme physical exertion and may involve an element of danger. Employees must be able to act without immediate supervision and exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies. Specific work assignments are made by a Police Sergeant or other supervisor and performance is checked through personal inspections, and review of oral and written reports. With experience and training, officers may be assigned to (based upon department need) specialized assignments including, but not limited to, Investigator, Motorcycle, Pilot, Tactical, Community Relations and administrative or staff functions.


  • Patrols a designated area of the City by radio equipped car, motorcycle, bicycle, aircraft or on foot, to prevent, discover, and deter the commission of crime, to enforce criminal law, to direct traffic, and to enforce motor vehicle operation and parking regulations;
  • Responds to calls and complaints involving fire, automobile accidents, domestic and neighborhood disturbances, assaults, robberies, and other misdemeanors and felonies;
  • Writes detailed reports on police-related activities;
  • Interviews persons with complaints and makes proper disposition or directs them to the proper authorities;
  • Secures crime scenes, administers first aid, arbitrates disputes, conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations, gathers evidence, obtains witness statements, apprehends suspects, makes arrests, and transports offenders;
  • Gives advice and general information to inquiries from the public;
  • Testifies as a witness in court in connection with arrests and investigations;
  • Attends periodic training classes in police methods, first aid, firearms and related subjects;
  • Keeps informed and aware of persons and places suspected of illegal activity and/or potential for problems within an assigned area;
  • Enters or retrieves data from a computer terminal, PC or other keyboard device.
  • Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of:

  • The United States and Kansas Constitutions, Federal, State and City criminal and traffic laws and ordinances, related court decisions, department policies, General Orders and Operations Orders.
  • General social problems and cultural diversity of citizenry.
  • Modern police methods, practices and procedures.
  • The geography of the City, community service organizations, location of facilities and buildings, and the established Police Beat Grid Coordinate Systems.
  • First aid principles and practices.

Ability to:

  • Communicate in the English language by phone, police radio system, or in person in a group or one-to-one setting.
  • Exercise judgment and make decisions as to appropriate action under pressure in accordance with rules, regulations and policies.
  • Work cooperatively, courteously, but firmly with all segments of the public.
  • Use and properly care for firearms and related police emergency equipment.
  • Recognize and control sources of personal stress in order to perform class requirements.
  • Apply first aid principles and practices.
  • Observe and monitor people's behavior or objects to determine compliance with laws, codes, and regulations, and recall details accurately.
  • Produce written documents in the English language with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.
  • Travel across rough, uneven or rocky surfaces.
  • Comprehend and make references from material written in the English language and learn job-related material through observation, structured lecture, and oral instruction. This learning takes place in an on-the-job training or classroom setting.
  • Maintain moral standards and integrity.
  • Remain in a standing or sitting position for extended periods of time.
  • Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements.
  • Maintain a level of physical fitness to meet department standards.
  • Work safely without presenting a direct threat to the incumbent or others.

Additional Requirements:

  • This classification requires the use of personal or City vehicles on City business. Individual must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record. Use of a personal vehicle for City business will be prohibited if the employee is not authorized by the City designated physician to drive a City vehicle or if the employee does not have personal insurance coverage.
  • Some positions will require the performance of other essential functions depending upon work location, assignment or shift.

High school graduate or G.E.D. high school equivalency test. Successful completion of the Police Recruit Program. P.O.S.T. Certification.


I‚Äčnstructions to Applicant

You are being considered for employment with the Liberal Police Department. As part of the process, it will be necessary for you to complete this questionaaire. The contents of this booklet are "CONFIDENTIAL." The information will not be disseminated except as necessary to process your application. It is imperative that you complete this questionnaire completely. All questions must be answered with full explanations when necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

It is important that you understand that intentional misrepresentation, omissions or falsification of any material fact may be just cause for dismissal from the application process. A truth verification examination will be administered to all applicants offered employment. It is in your best interest to be as truthful, thorough, and detailed in your answers as possible.


Law enforcement employees, regardless of rank, are placed in a position of trust and responsibility. Because of this trust, we must expect candor from all employees. You should also be aware that some of these same questions will be asked again when you are scheduled for a truth verification exam.


During the interview you will be asked to discuss many aspects of your background. You may be concerned that some aspects may disqualify you from the job. That is usually not the case. What will certainly disqualify you is your failure to provide truthful, accurate and complete information.


Some of the information requested may be impossible to obtain due to circumstances beyond your control. In this case please give a brief description. However, this may affect the ability to judge you suitable for hire.


When answering questions be as thorough as possible providing in depth detailed answers. Please complete the entire application and waivers legibly.  Certain documents in the packet such as the  Authorization to Release Personal Information, must be signed in the presence of a notary.


In regard to the Authorization (For Release of School Records), please keep this and use it to contact your educational facilities. Have your transcripts mailed directly to me, Lt. Chris Head, 325 N. Washington Ave, Liberal, Kansas, 67901.  (Make as many copies of the authorization as you need.)


I am applying for a position with the Liberal Police Department. I understand that there are certain requirements I must meet before I can be accepted into this position. I understand that I must submit to an extensive background investigation which consists of the following areas of concern, at a minimum:


·         Review of my completed Personal History Statement

·         Thorough criminal background check

·         Thorough examination of prior employment

·         Examination of my personal credit/financial report


A hiring review board will evaluate the results of this investigation and make a preliminary decision as to my potential suitability for employment. Following the results of the oral interview board, I may at receive a conditional offer of employment, which will be followed by completion of some or all of the following tests, depending upon the position being sought:


·         Voice Stress-Truth Verification

·         Drug Screening

·         Medical examination

·         Hearing test

·         Psychological Evaluation/Testing

·         Vision Screening

·         Physical Agility Testing


The aforementioned tests will be administered in a manner selected by the Liberal Police Department. I understand that the results of the tests are the property of the agency to which I have applied, and that I will not receive copies of the reports nor the information contained in them, except as it may relate to a serious condition discovered by the examining physician.


A second hiring review board will evaluate all the tests in light of the requirements of the job along with the previous information and will make a final decision as to my suitability for employment.


I agree to assist in the expedient conclusion of these reviews and examinations. I understand that successful completion of this process does not guarantee employment with the Liberal Police Department only that I will be considered for positions as they become available, pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Liberal Police Department.  I have read and understand the content and purpose of this Latter of Understanding. I agree to abide by these requirements as a condition of employment with the Liberal Police Department.

Kansas State Statute




      74-5605.   Qualifications of applicant for certification; requirements. (a) Every applicant for certification shall be an employee of a state, county or city law enforcement agency, a municipal university police officer, a railroad policeman appointed pursuant to K.S.A. 66-524, and amendments thereto; an employee of the tribal law enforcement agency of an Indian nation that has entered into a tribal-state gaming compact with this state; or a school security officer designated as a school law enforcement officer pursuant to K.S.A. 72-8222, and amendments thereto. Prior to admission to a course conducted at the training center or at a certified state or local law enforcement agency, the applicant shall furnish to the director of police training a statement from the applicant's appointing authority or agency head certifying the applicant's fulfillment of the following requirements. The applicant:

      (1)   Is a United States citizen;

      (2)   has been fingerprinted and a search of local, state and national fingerprint files has been made to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record;

      (3)   has not been convicted, does not have an expunged conviction, and on and after July 1, 1995, has not been placed on diversion by any state or the federal government for a crime which is a felony or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice;

      (4)   has not been convicted, does not have an expunged conviction, has not been placed on diversion by any state or the federal government for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice, when such misdemeanor crime of domestic violence was committed on or after the effective date of this act;

      (5)   is the holder of a high-school diploma or furnishes evidence of successful completion of an examination indicating an equivalent achievement;

      (6)   is of good moral character;

      (7)   has completed a psychological test approved by the commission;

      (8)   is free of any physical or mental condition which might adversely affect the applicant's performance of a police officer's or law enforcement officer's duties; and

      (9)   is at least 21 years of age.

      (b)   The provisions of paragraph (1) of subsection (a) shall not apply to a citizen of the United Kingdom with prior law enforcement experience who resides in Finney county. This subsection shall expire on July 1, 2007.

      History:   L. 1968, ch. 81, § 5; L. 1982, ch. 322, § 6; L. 1983, ch. 256, § 4; L. 1986, ch. 301, § 1; L. 1987, ch. 277, § 4; L. 1995, ch. 180, § 4; L. 1996,








Rejection Criteria/Guidelines

In an effort to select the most qualified candidates for employment, as well as satisfy the legal obligation to consider applicants equally and fairly, formalized criteria for applicant rejection will be used by the Liberal Police Department Applicant Selection Board. The criteria are recommended guidelines only. However, any decision to not follow rejection guidelines must be supported by explanation sufficient to mitigate the need for rejection.

1.  The following elements of an individual’s background, if disclosed as the result of interview or investigation, may serve as a basis for an unfavorable recommendation by the Liberal Police Department Applicant Selection Board:

            a) As an adult, being convicted of a felony crime

            b) As an adult, confinement resulting from convictions totaling more than six (6) months.

c) Maintaining an ongoing relationship with individual(s) who have been convicted of felony crime(s), and who are reputed to be involved in recent or ongoing felonious activity.

d) As an adult, commission of an undiscovered felony crime during five (5) year period immediately preceding the date of application. This does not include controlled substance use.

e) Recent or ongoing affiliation with, and/or support of, an organization or group which advocates the violent overthrow of the United States Government, or whose professed goals are contrary to the interests of public safety and welfare.

f) Any illegal use of a controlled substance through injection into the body, with the exception of anabolic steroids.  

g) As an adult selling, producing, or financing the production or sale of illegal, controlled substances or the obtaining of such substances through illegal use of prescription(s).

h) At the time of application, existence of a chronic emotional problem which as hampered job performance at any time.

i) As an adult selling, producing, or financing the production or sale of illegal, controlled substances or the obtaining of such substances through illegal use of prescription(s).

j) Any illegal use of controlled substance within the time limits preceding the date of application.

                        1) Marijuana                            2 years

                        2) Cocaine                               5 years

                        3) Hallucinogenic                    10 years

                        4) Methamphetamine              10 years

                        5) Heroin                                 10 years

                        6) Steroids                               2 years

                        7) Crack Cocaine                    10 years

k) A history of chronic alcohol or controlled substance abuse which has hampered job performance at any time during three (3) years immediately preceding the date of application.

l) Separation from any branch of the United States Armed Forces under less than “honorable” discharge.

m) Deceptive result of a truth verification or polygraph examination.

n) Evidence that the applicant has willfully provided false or misleading information during the application process or in his written application or statement of personal history, or has cheated during any phase of testing during the application process.

o) Evidence or statements indicating that applicant does not meet medical requirements established by the department.

q) Conviction of one DUI within five (5) years preceding the date of application, or two DUI convictions in a lifetime.

r) A recommendation by an oral interview board that the applicant is unsuited for police work.  

s) Has been convicted, has an expunged conviction, or has been placed on diversion by any state or the federal government for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice, when such crime of domestic violence was committed on or after May 22nd, 1997.

2.   The following factors or combination thereof will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may serve as a basis for an unfavorable recommendation by the Liberal Police Department Applicant Selection Board.

a) A demonstrated lack of financial responsibility which may include, but not be limited to intentional failure to meet financial obligations during the three years immediately preceding the date of application.

b) A fraudulent use of unemployment or sick care benefits in the ten (10) years immediately preceding the date of application

c) A history of termination from employment for cause and/or unfavorable consideration for employment under questionable circumstances during the ten (10) years immediately preceding the date of application.

d) Dependence upon prescription medications or drugs which result in physical harm to the applicant or which would limit the applicants ability to perform should duties preclude the availability of such medication or drug in an emergency situation.

e) Excessive and habitual gaming which results in failing to meet financial obligations or which has adversely affected the applicant’s lifestyle during the ten (10) years immediately preceding the date of application.

f) Maintaining an ongoing lifestyle or involvement at any time in an activity or activities which could subject the applicant to blackmail or pressure at the time of application, or which could potentially cause the applicant to violate public trust.

g) Any other factor or combination of factors which can be objectively articulated and which bear a rational relationship to the significant or substantial duties and responsibilities normally and customarily assigned to the job classification being recruited for and which limits or prohibits the applicant from functioning successfully as a member of this department, or which would make the applicant a detriment to the department if hired.

h) Unfavorable recommendation(s) on the part of references or past or present employers.

i) As an adult, conviction of any crime prosecutable in this state as a felony or serious misdemeanor.

j) Three (3) or move hazardous moving traffic violations during the three (3) years preceding the date of the application.

k) Has had drivers license suspended, revoked or canceled within three (3) years preceding the date of application.

l) Has a history or sporadic or inconsistent employment.


Vacancy Number: 94761

Open Date: 7/23/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: