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To apply for this vacancy Log In or Create an Account Since this is a public safety position, you will be required to submit extra information as part of the application process.

Employer: City of Andover
Division: Police
Job Title: Part Time 911 Dispatcher
Salary: $14.33 Hourly

Job Description:

Reports to:            Communications Director

Pay Range:  Salary is dependent on applicant's experience. The salary range is $14.33-$15.01/hour.


Primary Functions of Work

Under the supervision of the Communications Director this position is responsible for work handling communication relay for law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and other emergency service units as needed.  Work involves responsibility for radio, telephone, KCJIS, computer, in-person, and written communications relay of information both public and confidential in nature.  Personnel in this position must be able to act without supervision.  Work is reviewed by supervisor(s) through reports and observations.

Essential Functions of Work

Major duties involve receiving and responding to calls for service; relaying vital information to patrol officers and/or summoning the proper authority; maintenance of accurate radio and telephone logs; accurately entering information into computer; making periodic checks on prisoner(s) in the holding cell.

Marginal Functions of Work

Other duties include but are not limited to accurately completing fingerprint cards, warrant files, case files and photographic files; type reports; receive disburse certain fees; clean communications/records area; other related work as required or directed.

Shift Hours

This position will be a 7 hour shift comprised of three days a week.  Set schedled days will be Tuesday, Wendsday and Thursday 3 P.M. – 10 P.M., not to exceed 21 hours a week. 


Removal can be with or without fault of the employee or this agency.  Economic conditions that cause reductions in the work force, the employee’s inability to attend regularly to work, chronic illness, and failure to perform competently on any of the critical tasks of the position or a consistent failure to perform competently on regular tasks are major reason(s) for job removal without fault.  Failure to support the agency’s mission, uphold the oath of office, behave in a way that supports the Police Officer’s Code of Ethics, continually comply with preconditions for original employment, or to display due regard for the civil liberties of any person(s) will lead to removal with or without fault.  In addition, accruing atypical amounts of supervisory counseling or remedial training will lead to removal with or without fault.

Position Requirements

Experience:   Prior experience is not required.  One to three years of public safety communications experience is desirable.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job within acceptable standards after six months in this position.  Employee will be required in an additional six months to demonstrate competency and proficiency.      

Education: High School Diploma or GED required.  Required receiving at least (15) hours of continuing education training annually to maintain proficiency and certifications.

Skills:        Some knowledge of laws, rules and regulations governing criminal activities.  Skills in the use of a computer, communication equipment and other office duties.

Problem Solving

Frequent problem solving exists in the position.  Problems include, but are not limited to handling citizen's complaints, equipment malfunction, call prioritizing, etc.

Decision Making

Frequent decision making exists in this position.  Decisions include, but are not limited to, determining proper emergency response units to dispatch, classifying calls, to which jurisdiction a call belongs, etc.


Employee is accountable for the efficient and acceptable performance of his/her duties and responsibilities.


Limited supervision is provided by the Communication Director and/or other supervising personnel. .

Personal Relations

Frequent contact with other city departments and continual contact with the general public.

Working Conditions

Adverse working conditions exist to public safety communication personnel.  This is a mostly sedentary position, however, physical and mental demands may change dramatically within a few seconds.  Adverse weather conditions may be a factor in this position.

Work conditions may vary by shift.  This position is sedentary in nature with some tasks that require heavy lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying heavy loads.

Mental alertness is very important because of the need to make fine discriminations and decisions concerning impending danger.  Physical and mostly mental demands may change dramatically within a few seconds and tax the maximum of human endurance.  Therefore, incumbents must maintain a physical and mental state of fitness and readiness that will enable them to handle stressful situations.  Some contact with dangerous and potentially dangerous people, equipment and weather conditions may occur.

Physical Requirements

The ability to pass and maintain all physical and mental requirements and activities of job requirements and description.

Vacancy Number: AND-COM-2019-1

Open Date: 9/10/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: