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Employer: City of Peabody
Job Title: Public Works Maintenance Worker
Salary: $0 Hourly

Job Description:

Position Summary


Under the supervision of the Public Works Superintendent, this is an hourly, non-exempt, full-time position under the Federal Labor Standards Act which performs unskilled duties and manual labor for the City of Peabody.  Patching and sealing streets, performing maintenance on city streets and alleys, installing and repairing water lines, installing water meters, checking and maintaining the sewer plants, repairing and cleaning storm drains, reading water meters, mowing parks and other maintenance as may be needed by the city.  This employee must be a responsible person with mechanical aptitude and be a self starter.   This employee should possess a strong mechanical aptitude, and effective communication and public relations skills.


Essential Functions

Operate city equipment including trucks, backhoe, Street sweeper and other city equipment.

Repair potholes in streets and do minor street repair.

Repair and install street and traffic signs.

Read and record water meter readings.

Repair and install Water and sewer lines.  

Maintain and repair sewer plant.

Install and remove water meters.

Work with water, Sewer, street and park department.

Remove fallen trees or other debris from streets as needed and assist in cleaning park and swimming pool.

Maintain city equipment as needed.

Operate mowers as needed.

Spray for weeds as needed.

Follow all city and department policies and procedures.

Follow safety procedures and practices.

Be available for rotating on-call weekends and emergencies after normal work hours (including weekends).


Marginal Functions


Perform repairs on buildings and facilities.

Remove snow and ice during inclement weather.




Position Requirements


Experience:  One or two years of similar experience are preferred.  Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within six months. 


Education:  A high school diploma or GED is required. This position requires a valid Kansas Driver’s License.    It is also recommended that this person would attend sewer and water school to become Class I certified in these areas.


Technical Skills:  A working knowledge of equipment maintenance and repairs, plumbing, and mathematics is required.  This employee must be able to operate hand tools, trucks, backhoes, loaders, air hammers, air compressors and other departmental equipment.  The ability to judge distances, to follow directions and to interpret written instructions, to read and interpret maps, reports and written instructions, and manuals is required.  Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of safety procedures, sewer and water line installation and maintenance.   Develop the ability to understand and anticipate problems, to follow safety procedures and policies and be effective in public relation, oral and written communication skills.


Problem Solving:  Limited problem solving is a factor of this position.  This employee encounters problems with equipment malfunctions traffic, water leaks and sewer backup.


Decision Making:   Limited independent decision making is involved in this position.  The employee makes decisions about performing daily duties in the safest and most efficient manner.


Supervision:  This employee is in direct supervision of the Public Works Superintendent.  This employee does not exercise any supervisory responsibilities over subordinate personnel.  


Financial Accountability:  This employee is responsible for the safe operation of department equipment.  This employee does not exercise any supervisory responsibilities over subordinate personnel.


Personal Relations:  Daily contact with the general public, city employees and supervisory personnel is expected.


Working Conditions:  Adverse working conditions exist within this position.  Exposure to heavy machinery, excessive noise, hazardous chemicals, heights, work in confined areas, and all types of weather conditions is expected.


Physical Requirements:  Manual labor including lifting and carrying heavy objects and the ability to operate heavy machinery is required within this position.


The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all inclusive.  They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.

Vacancy Number: PEA013

Open Date: 10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM
Close Date: