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City of Hays

City of Hays

Hays, Kansas (pop. 20,500), is a university community serving as a regional center for education, health care, professional services, shopping, culture, arts, & recreation for the western half of Kansas - serving a population of nearly 100,000. This progressive community is recognized among the top Kansas cities in entertainment, health, arts, & culture.

Hays is home to Fort Hays State University (FHSU), a regional comprehensive university with over 13,000 students, known for its innovation & entrepreneurship.  FHSU is the fastest growing university in the Kansas Regents system. The Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center on the FHSU campus is home to the Encore Series, the Hays Symphony, & other national & world caliber performances. 

Hays Medical Center is a major employer with more than 1,000 employees.  Hays Medical Center is the home to the DeBakey Heart Institute of Kansas & one of the top rural medical centers in the United States. 

Historic Downtown Hays has unique shopping, galleries, & eateries. Hays boast excellent recreational facilities including: the Center for Health Improvement, Hays Aquatic Park, Smoky Hill Country Club, Hays Municipal Golf Course, an extensive recreational program, & excellent opportunities for walking, running, & biking.  Hays is within 45 minutes of two large lakes providing fishing, boating, & other water sports. Bike Hays contains 21 miles of connecting system.

The Hays Municipal Airport provides service to Denver & Chicago on a 50-passenger regional jet. 

More information about the City of Hays, KS at www.visithays.com.



By submitting your application for any position with the City of Hays, you understand and agree to the following statements:

  • You represent and warrant that the contents of the application are true and correct and that no pertinent information has been omitted. 

  • You authorize investigation of any or all statements on the application, and you hold harmless any former employer, acquaintance, or reference for any information provided to the City of Hays.  Falsification, misrepresentation or omission of information could be just cause for dismissal at any time.

  • You understand that you may be required to take relevant employment testing, for the purpose of determining your capability of performing the duties of the position.  In the event you need reasonable accommodation for this testing or for the interview process, if selected, you understand that the City of Hays will make this accommodation.  The City of Hays reserves the right to require medical documentation concerning the need for the accommodation.

  • If you are selected for employment by the City of Hays, you agree to participate in the appropriate examinations, determined by the position, which may include a pre-employment physical examination, psychological, and physical endurance examinations.  These examinations will be paid for entirely by the City of Hays.  Costs of transportation and time involved taking the examinations are the responsibility of the applicant.

  • Completion of an employment application does not constitute an offer of employment nor is a completed application considered a contract of employment.  The City of Hays reserves the right to hire the applicant the City feels is best suited for the position.


Cafeteria Plan

AFLAC administers the City of Hays Cafeteria Plan, which allows employees to pay for specified benefits with pre-tax wages. AFLAC also administers supplemental insurance policies: Accident, Cancer, Hospital, and Critical Care. (www.aflac.com)

Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. Includes medical and prescription coverage. (www.bcbsks.com)











$2,500/$5,000 (50/50)

$1,000/$2,000 (80/20)

Office Co-Pay





Deductible then $15/$50/$75



Employee Costs (Bi-Weekly)

















Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. (www.bcbsks.com) Annual Deductible is $50 per person or $150 per family for items not covered at 100%. Max benefit payment for each eligible person annually is $1,000.

Employee Costs (Bi-Weekly)









Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Confidential counseling services used to assist employees with such problems including alcohol and/or drug abuse, emotional problems, marital difficulties and parenting problems. Financial and legal services also provided.  (www.ndbh.com)

Vision Plan

Vision Care Direct. Covers Exam and/or hardware. Prices vary based on plan choice.  (www.visioncaredirect.com)  


Nine paid holidays per year.

Life Insurance


KPERS – Eligible employees receive life insurance with coverage equivalent to 1.5 times the employee’s annual salary.

KP&F – Eligible employees receive death benefits payable to the spouse and/or children for Service Connected death and Non-Service Connected death, based on a percentage of the employee’s final average salary.

KPERS & KP&F – Employees may elect to purchase Optional Group Life insurance for them and/or their spouse/child(ren).

Longevity Pay

After five years of continuous full time employment, employees will receive a lump sum bonus paid after the final payroll of the year has been processed.  The longevity bonus range from 2% - 4% based on the employee’s years of service.



All full-time employees (except uniformed police and fire personnel) are enrolled in KPERS upon employment. Benefits include retirement, life insurance and long term disability. Certified police and fire personnel are enrolled in the KP&F pension system upon employment. Benefits include retirement, service connected and non-service connected death benefits and long term disability.

Savings Plan

Employees may elect to participate in a 457 (deferred compensation plan).

Travel & Training

The City will cover the cost of certain approved work-related workshop and conferences. Professional society dues, registration fees and tuition expenses may also be paid and/or reimbursed.

Short Term Disability

Employees are provided 70% of their gross wage when approved by the Short Term Disability carrier after a 14 day waiting period. The City pays 100% of the premiums. (www.aetna.com)

Paid Time Off (PTO) – Accrued bi-weekly (3 Month waiting period)


0 – 3 years of service

4 – 8 years of service

9 – 13 years of service

14 – 18 years of service

19 + years of service

All Non-Fire Personnel

5.9 hours bi-weekly

6.5 hours bi-weekly

7.1 hours bi-weekly

7.8 hours bi-weekly

8.4 hours bi-weekly

Fire Personnel

8.3 hours bi-weekly

9.1 hours bi-weekly

9.9 hours bi-weekly

10.9 hours bi-weekly

11.8 hours bi-weekly

Visit our website for additional information.

The City of Hays is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Erin Giebler, Director of Human Resources
City of Hays
P.O. Box 490
1507 Main
Hays, KS 67601
(785) 628-7320
(785) 628-7323 (fax)