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City of Kechi
City of Kechi

Benefits for Employees of the City of Kechi

Fulltime Employees are eligible for Health & Dental Benefits for the employee and their immediate family.       Currently Health coverage is with Blue Cross & Blue Shield     The city pays 95% of the premium and the employee is responsible for 5%.
The 5% rate thru March 2019 is as follows: Family policy:$28.35 per paycheck; Single Employee policy:$ 8.92 per paycheck; Single Employee & Dependents policy: $ 18.14 per paycheck, Employee & Spouse $ 19.15 per pay check.

Employees are enrolled in the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System. Employees pay a percentage of their wages into the system, depending on the eligibility tier of 5%-6%.   The city pays into the system for your retirement at a rate set by the Kansas Legislature.   This rate is currently 9.39%.

There are 26 pay periods per year.

The city also pays Social Security and Medicare benefits on the employee’s wages.    The current rate is: 7.65%

Employees have the option to join the YMCA on the city group plan.   Employees pay $5.00 per paycheck for the single plan or $7.50 per paycheck for the family plan.

Employees receive 10 paid holidays per year.

Employees also earn vacation and sick leave time as follows:


Full-time Employees.  Full-time employees are entitled to paid vacation leave time according to the preceding schedule; although, no paid vacation leave time may be taken during the first six months of employment. Full-time employees shall earn vacation at a rate of two weeks (10 days, 80 hours/accrual 3.076 hours per pay period) per year during the first year of employment.  After one year of employment, these 10 days will be added on the employee’s anniversary of employment.    Employees employed more than ten (10) years by the city earn three weeks (15 work days, 120 hours/accrual 4.615 hours per pay period) of vacation per year.  These fifteen vacation days shall be added annually on the employee’s anniversary of employment.

Sick Leave
During the first two years of full-time service the employee shall receive one week (5 days, 40 hours) per year.  Eight hours will accrue for every two months of service. During the first two years of employment, it will require 10 months to accumulate the 5 days/40 hours of sick leave annually.

Beginning with the third year of full-time service, the full-time employee shall receive ten (10) paid sick days per year.  Eight hours will accrue for every month of service until two weeks (10 days, 80 hours) is reached.  (Maximum 480)