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Veterans' Preference Statement - City of Salina

Veteran’s Preference Notice

In accordance with K.S.A. 73-201, the City of Salina offers veterans preference in the initial hiring and first promotion of veterans in classified positions if competent to perform those positions. Veterans Preference will not be given to positions filled by elections, or for City Manager, city management or department heads, temporary or seasonal positions, or for any other position exempted from the preference by state law.

A veteran must request the preference by submitting the Veteran’s Preference Eligibility Request form and supporting documentation, along with the Employment Application, to the Human Resources Dept. when applying for an open position.

In determining competency to perform the position, the hiring authority will make a good faith determination that the person is likely to successfully meet the performance standards of the position based on what a reasonable person knowledgeable in the operation of the position would conclude from all information available at the time the decision is made.  The basis for such determination shall include experience, training, education, licensure, certification and/or other factors deemed appropriate to determine overall qualification and ability to successfully meet the performance standards of the position. The Human Resources Director or a designee shall document such factors prior to the initiation of the selection process.

Any veteran qualifying for the preference shall not be disqualified from holding any position in such service on account of age or by reason of any physical or mental disability, as long as age or disability does not render the veteran incompetent to perform the duties of the position in which he or she applied. In the event a veteran eligible for the preference, is not hired for the position, the Human Resources Director or a designee shall notify the veteran by certified mail or personal service within thirty (30) days of filling the position.

If a veteran believes that the City has not provided the veteran’s preference as required by law, he or she may complete an appeal form, included in the written notification and submit it to the Human Resources Department. The appeal form must be submitted to the Human Resources Department within ten (10) days of receiving the written notification. Upon receipt of the written appeal, the Human Resources Director or a designee will meet with at least two City of Salina Affirmative Action Committee members to review the appeal. Within five (5) days of holding the review meeting, the Affirmative Action Committee will submit a written determination to the veteran.