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Veterans' Preference Statement - Sedgwick County

In an effort to recognize and support those who made the sacrifices of defending our country by joining the armed forces, Sedgwick County has incorporated Veterans’ Preference into our hiring practices. Sedgwick County will provide veterans' preference to all positions identified as classified or non-exempt.

Non-veteran applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed an interview, but Sedgwick County will grant a preference to qualifying veterans by conducting an interview with those who meet the minimum qualifications and have submitted a qualifying DD214 for any position for which they have complete the employment application.

Human Resources will review the DD214, and determine if the applicant meets the Veterans' Preference criteria and the minimum requirements for the position, and will inform the hiring department of the determination.

If the veteran meets the minimum qualification they will be granted an interview, but will not be guaranteed a job unless competent. A veteran is competent to be employed by Sedgwick County if there is a good faith determination that such applicant is likely to successfully meet the performance standards of the position. In making this determination the County will factor in experience, training, education, licensure, certificates and other factors deemed appropriate to determine if the applicant has the overall qualifications to successfully meet the performance standards of the position. It is the sole discretion of the County to determine the competency of an applicant in light of which applicant most closely fits the needs of Sedgwick County.